I LOVED Evidence and I think my notes reflect that. They include Theories, Principles, Cases, and Starter Sentence as well as policy and nuance. Anything in green text you may recite verbatim in the exam as I did, and then just alter to suit the facts. There is also a glossary of my abbreviated terms on the last page.

Topics Include:

Topic 1: Introduction

Topic 2: Relevance s.55 s.56 and s135-137

Topic 3: Examination of the Witness
Examination in Chief:
Reviving the Witnesses Memory:
Prior Consistent Statements
Unfavourable Witness
Cross Examination
Prior Inconsistent Statements

Topic 4: Character and Credibility
Credibility of Witnesses
Credibility of the Accused - Cross Examination
Character of the Complainant in Sexual Offence Cases
Character of the Accused

Topic 5: Hearsay and Exceptions

Topic 6: The Accused Right to Silence
Pre-Trial Right to Silence (CRIMINAL)
Right to Silence at Trial (CRIMINAL)

Topic 7: Admissions

Topic 8: Illegally Obtained Evidence


Semester 2, 2017

71 pages

28,988 words



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