Notes are split into Sections, Topics and Subtopics with each having there own indication of approximate reading time once familiar with the material. Section 1: Humanities - General Notes - Poetry Notes - Fiction Notes - Cartoon Notes - Comic Notes - Non-fiction Notes - Some vocabulary - Tips Section 2: Essay Writing - Notes for Argumentative Essay Writing - Notes for Reflective Essay Writing - Essay Structure - Essay Content - Essay Themes - Essay Ideas - Essay Plans Section 3: Science - Biology *Biomolecules *Cell *Cellular Mechanisms *Enzymes *Cellular Metabolism *Transcription and Translation *DNA Replication *Cell Division *Mitosis *Meiosis *Nervous System *Muscles *Bones *Cardiovascular System *Respiratory System *GIT System *Renal System *Endocrine System *Immune System *Genetics *Reproduction *Fertilisation *Experimental Design *Data Analysis - Chemistry *General Chemistry *Atom *Periodic Table *Stoichiometry *Chemical Bonding *Gas Laws *Kinetics *Thermochemistry *Nomenclature *Reactions: Addition, Substitution, Elimination *Spectroscopy: UV-Vis, IR, NMR, Mass *Stereoscopy *Heat Capacity *Phases *Catalysts and Enzymes *Chromatography: TLC, Liquid *Crystallisation *Solvents and solutions *Acids and Bases * Redox Reactions *Titrations *Electrochemistry *Molecular Orbitals *Macromolecules *Pericyclic reactions *Distillation - Physics *General *Units *Mathematics *Graphs *Vectors *Kinematics: Linear, 2D *Newtons Laws *Force *Mechanical Equilibrium *Work, Energy and Motion *Fluids, Pressure and Heat *Electromagnetism *Electrical circuits *Waves and Optics: Sound and Light *Nuclear Physics


Semester 1, 2017

240 pages

35,000 words



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