Semester 2, 2016

PHYS20008: Human Physiology Notes (H1: 88%) [Lecture notes, Workshop notes, PRS question notes, Textbook notes, etc.]

337 pages

25,994 words




PreMed: Check out my BCMB20002 and ANAT20006 notes.

Included in these notes are:
- Notes on Lectures
- Notes on Workshops
- Notes on PRS questions
- Notes on quizzes
- Notes from textbook
- Information from the internet
- Visual aids (images, diagrams, etc.)

Notes are separated into:
- "Notes" containing all key points throughout the semester which are great for revision just before an assessment
- Comprehensive notes split into individual topic and subtopic sections for thorough revision throughout the semester and before assessments
- All sections have approximate times to read each section once familiar with the material, great for time management