Semester 1, 2017

PATH30002: Techniques for Investigation of Disease Notes (H1:91%)

130 pages

9,042 words




These notes helped me get an overall score of 91% (H1) in this subject with minimal effort.
Subjects such as this one are great ways to boost your GPA/WAM by doing ongoing assessment throughout the semester with guidance and robust notes.

Included in these notes are:
- Laboratory Book Notes
- Notes on each disease studies
- Notes on each method/technique utilised
- Relevant notes from PATH30001: Mechanisms of Human Disease
- An example of a Full Scientific Report which scored 95% including feedback, comments and the marking criteria as well as marks ***Not included in the sold version of notes***Contact before purchase for details/more information***
- Images with figure legends
- Notes from Practical classes and demonstrators
- Images from Practical classes
- Supplementary images from other sources
- Notes from journal articles
- Notes from textbooks, the internet, etc.
- Approximate times to read each section ones familiar with the material (great during revision)

Note: notes are 88 pages