Social Psychology

Graham Michael Vaughan, Michael A. Hogg

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Daniel Cervone, Lawrence A. Pervin

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Social Psychology

Graham Michael Vaughan, Michael A. Hogg

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PSY2042 Exam Summary

Written by Erin

These PSY2042 notes were formulated based on the advised learning objectives for this subject - they...

226 pages, 38974 words

PSY2042 Lecture and Reading Summaries

Written by Juliet

Summary of main points from both the lectures and readings. All information relevant to exam.

65 pages, 12419 words

PSY2042 Personality and Social Psychology notes

Written by Rachel

Detailed and comprehensive PSY3051 notes from lectures and prescribed readings. Notes are organised...

37 pages, 18953 words

PSY2042 Comprehensive Personality and Social Psychology Notes

Written by Ashley

Comprehensive Personality and social Psychology notes based on readings and lectures. Readings are c...

144 pages, 144 words

PSY2042 Exam Notes

Written by Helen

Detailed lecture notes from PSY2042 (week 1-9) including pictures and diagrams. It's a great summary...

40 pages, 17027 words

PSY2042 Notes

Written by Sarah

Mix of lecture and textbook notes, compiled under learning objective headings for each week.

267 pages, 88897 words

PSY2042: Personality and social psych summary notes

Written by Ashling

Detailed and colour coordinated PSY2042 notes from lectures, prescribed readings and seminars, all b...

45 pages, 15018 words

PSY2042: Full Semester Notes

Written by Lucy

Comprehensive notes from PSY2042 compiled from lectures, textbook readings and supplementary materia...

98 pages, 33235 words

PSY2042: COGNITIVE and social psychology

Written by Alison

NOTE: when I did this subject in 2013 it was COGNITIVE and SOCIAL Psychology. I completed the person...

57 pages, 22700 words

Personality & Social Psychology

Written by Sarah

Very detailed notes on the lectures and readings for this unit. Includes diagrams and examples!

96 pages, 27000 words


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- Graduated with First Class Honours in psychology (Average mark: 90). - Published in leading acade...


Interesting but extremely difficult to complete assignments to the right standard because they give you no instructions and vague advice for the completion of these assignments

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Interesting, but filled with content which are hard to study for during exams.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Whilst enjoyable, this unit is quite content heavy. However, it is not difficult, so it is quite easy to do well in and have fun at the same time.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015