Hi, I'm Lauri!

I'm a Monash student studying Science.


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Hi, I'm Lauri!
I'm a second year student who is currently studying a Bachelor of Science with an extended major in Psychology. I absolutely love Psych and I would love to help others achieve great grades in their Science subjects.
As a first year student, I didn't really know what to expect when starting uni and so I didn't put much effort into my subjects - this definitely reflected in my grades! However, the following year, I really worked hard and studied in a much more efficient way, and not only did I find my subjects more enjoyable, but I also achieved much much better results.
I'd love to help you achieve great results by helping you study smarter rather than put hours into achieving nothing. I am extremely patient and great at explaining things in a clear and concise manner. I, myself, am a very slow learner so I understand that learning and understanding takes time.
I am more than willing to charge $40 for a lesson with 2-3 students too so I encourage you to come with a friend or two as it probs works out cheaper.




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