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Luz Marina
Hi there! My name is Marina and I am deeply consumed by the field of psychology. I have achieved an HD average across my undergrad and have enjoyed hacking the structure of psychology report writing! As someone who successfully landed a place in the honors program, I am confident in mentoring for research reports but also statistics and general theory (with additional experience in coding and analytics outside of my studies). In addition to undergrad studies, I can also mentor when it comes to volunteer opportunities and employment outside of studies (as it pertains to the field of psychology/research work). I offer proofreading for CVs and cover letters as I have done for other students entering this field. For research reports, I charge $55 an hour for 1,000 words. I will offer detailed feedback whilst also ensuring your essay meets general spelling, grammar, and adherence to APA formatting. Often it can be quite tricky to structure an essay per your design methodology (mediation analyses/moderation/correlation) and I will ensure you are on track for these considerations and that your arguments flow logically in order. If you are after any type of tutoring in terms of stats, have no fear, I am here to support you in this area as well! I love stats and I am certainly passionate about teaching others to feel confident in this area as well. Turnaround time can be 2 days however anything sooner will incur a fee.



Marina has been an incredible tutor to work with… receiving my first distinction in psych with her help is incredible! She’s punctual, reliable and provides valuable insights for my work I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Thank you Marina for your help!

Pedro, StudentVIP member
since April, 2024

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