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!! Here to help you ace your exams and assessments, while helping you understand the whole content !! I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology and a master's degree in Public Health that I earned at the University of Melbourne. I have extensive tutoring experience, and as an undergraduate, I tutored freshman and sophomores. While working toward my master's degree, I worked with the federal Office of Minority Health department. I focused on a class that was an effort to help reduce infant mortality rates in the minority population. I now tutor many subjects, but my favorites to teach are writing, literature, and the psychology. I also enjoy helping students prepare for standardized tests, because I like teaching them a special method they can use that will help them raise their scores. When I tutor, I realize that every student has a different style of learning, and I make sure I teach using a technique that works best for a student. I also think that the stigma surrounding many subjects, such as algebra or statistics, as being "hard" subjects intimidates many students; I strive to help students realize that this stigma is false and that they can be successful in the courses when they are dedicated.




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