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EIM- Final Revision

Written by Tom

These notes are a great summary of the chapters listed below and acted as the perfect study tool....

17 pages, 3435 words

EIM- Textbook Summary Notes

Written by Tom

These notes cover all of the textbook chapters from 1-11. These notes act as a tool to focus on the...

53 pages, 23470 words

Enterprise Innovation and Markets Examination Notes

Written by Darren

The notes will cover all core topics for the final exam. The notes include plenty of tables and conc...

61 pages, 14027 words

Enterprise Innovation and Markets Notes

Written by Aya

These notes are set out to make it easy to study, most the things in this document was in the exam....

42 pages, 11772 words

Enterprise Innovation and Markets Notes

Written by Sabrina

Comprehensive Notes including summaries of every unit from the prescribed textbook. I would say that...

38 pages, 12860 words


Written by Mary

All the notes you need for this unit. Includes all diagrams and complete summary of the textbook wit...

54 pages, 16700 words

Enterprise Innovation and Markets Revision Notes

Written by Jana

These are the following chapters used in the final exam. Chapter 2 - Creativity Chapter 4 - Ide...

31 pages, 9942 words


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Worse unit ever. The only reason I passed this unit was after complaining about the harshness of the marking. Tutor provides little support, teaches based off summaries, and the 2 hour tutorial feels like a waste of time. You really have to teach yourself or be prepared to fight for your grade.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Prescribed e-textbook is wonderful and personalised to 'speak' less formally, making the concepts easy to understand. Ensure you pick a hard working group for the market report, as being left to do the whole thing is somewhat ...stressful... to say the least. Unit coordinator will not support group members who experience this dilemma, which is frustrating. Keep up to date with readings and this unit should be enjoyable.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Easy unit though the coordinator makes it difficult. Lecturer and tutor is very hard to understand and explaining- not helpful at all! John Hayek is rude and also hard to get any understanding out off. Honestly, the course work is fine, it's just the people involved ruin it!!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

This unit gives basically a very general overview of business. So the content varies a lot. Demand curves are pretty hard to understand. The online textbook is super useful especially for quizzes where you can search question terms and find answers super quickly. Pretty laid back subject just don't leave the market report until the last minute.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016