Company Law Complete Notes

Detailed notes covering all lecture and tutorial content including: - consequences of registration...

76 pages, 26511 words

Company Law Full Comprehensive Semester & Exam Notes

These notes allowed me to achieve an HD (85%) for this unit. These notes cover all of the inform...

98 pages, 33848 words

LAWS2310 Company Law Notes (2015)

These are my LAWS2301 Company Law notes I made throughout the course of semester 2, 2015. These...

114 pages, 27871 words

LAWS2301 Exam Notes (HD)

Using these notes, I was able to achieve a High Distinction in this unit. These notes provide an...

173 pages, 51934 words

Company Law Final Exam Notes

Contracting with the Company Role and Liability of Company Auditors Receivership Oppression Tra...

16 pages, 6536 words

LAWS2301 comprehensive exam notes

Topics for specified exam questions: 1. Contracting with the company 2. Transactions affecting sh...

22 pages, 8198 words

LAWS 2301 - LECTURES 9-20

Detailed and concise notes which cover the entire semester's content. - Condensed into logical su...

27 pages, 7688 words

Company law notes

Comprehensive notes on major examinable aspects of the unit. The notes integrate theory as well as l...

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LAWS2301: 2016 Comprehensive Company Law Notes

Very thorough summary notes of every relevant chapter in the Textbook and Lecture Notes. Organised...

110 pages, 56713 words

Company Law Notes (LAWS2301)

LAWS2301 notes -Scored top 5% out of a cohort of 329 in the 2016 Business Law unit LAWS2301 Compa...

274 pages, 20000 words


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A lot of content to learn.Buying the textbooks and reading through them help a lot with understanding the content. The take home assignment is a little tough, and make sure you apply the right statutes and cases. For my open book exam, I wrote summary sheets of the topics being examined. Final exam is full on. You need to know the content off the top of your head so you don't stump over questions and run out of time like I did.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Very interesting unit, Peter is a great lecturer but he's though. I found the assessments challenging as not used to law units, make sure you understand and do well the IRAC method and know how to reference for the assignment. As mentioned, this unit requires a lot of work, summarise everything and focus more on the topics being assessed.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Really loved this unit. Was administered very well an the lecturer was very thorough and explained things very well. There is an open book exam and the best way to prepare for this is to write up tutorial questions using the IRAC method. Lots of reading and work is required to do well in this unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Very thorough and comprehensive study of company law, even through the lectures. Supplement your lectures with the required textbook for other case law. This unit has an open book exam (in 2015), so the best way to prepare for this is to have written out answers of your tutorial questions with the relevant case law or legislation. It's a good idea to have that checked by your tutor before using it for the exams.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015