A comprehensive study guide was collated, highlighting relevant legislation and cases for the assessments and the final exam. Overall, I achieved a High Distinction for this unit. This revision guide covers lectures 11 through to 22 which is the required material for the final exam. This guide collates information from the student textbook, lecture slides, readings, and in-class notes to synthesize material and save you time! It covers all relevant topics and is set out chronologically with learning topics identified as per below: Lecture 11 & 12: DIRECTORS DUTIES PART II Lecture 13 & 14: MEMBERS RIGHTS AND REMEDIES Lecture 15 & 16: COMPANYS LIABILITY FOR CONTRACTS Lecture 17 & 18: AUDITORS + COMPANY FINANCING Lecture 19 & 20: PUBLIC FUNDRAISING Lecture 21 & 22: TAKEOVERS


Semester 2, 2020

44 pages

30,956 words


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