International Finance: an analytical approach

Moosa, Imad

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IF Definitions List (whole year)

Written by Sarah

Topics included in this definition list: foreign exchange markets, international derivatives markets...

7 pages, 2081 words

ECON3236 Final Exam Complete Verbal and Algebraic Definitions

Written by Edward

I received a final grade of 99%. Verbal and Algebraic definitions included. All topics for final exa...

7 pages, 2004 words

ECON3236 Mid Sem Verbal Definitions

Written by Edward

Final grade of 99%. All topics up to Mid-sem included.

2 pages, 523 words

ECON3236 Comprehensive notes

Written by Edward

I achieved a final grade of 99%. These are my comprehensive notes for the unit. Enjoy. Topics cov...

62 pages, 17387 words

Definition list

Written by Ruiyin

Includes all definitions that might be examined in the test.

4 pages, 1210 words


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