Semester 1, 2017

ECON3236 Comprehensive notes

62 pages

17,387 words



I achieved a final grade of 99%. These are my comprehensive notes for the unit. Enjoy.

Topics covered:
Lecture 1: Introduction + IF Markets: An Overview
Lecture 2: The Balance of Payments and IF
Lecture 3: The FX and Eurocurrency Markets
Lecture 4: International Money and Capital Markets
Lecture 5: The Exchange Rate: Jargon
Lecture 6: The Exchange Rate: Real, Effective
Lecture 7: Models of Exchange Rates: Supply and Demand
Lecture 8: The Supply and Demand Model: Applications
Lecture 9: Supply-Demand Model Application: Exchange Rate Systems
Lecture 10: Purchasing-Power Parity Models
Lecture 11: Monetary Model of the Exchange Rate
Lecture 12: Covered Interest Parity (CIP)
Lecture 13: Uncovered Interest Parity (UIP)
Lecture 14: CIP, UIP Compared and evaluated
Lecture 15: Expectations and Speculation in the FX Market
Lecture 16: Exchange-rate Forecasting
Lecture 17: FX Risk, Forwards and Futures
Lecture 18: Swaps in International Finance
Lecture 19: Currency Options
Lecture 20: FX Risk, Exposure, and Management
Lecture 21: Managing Transactions Exposure
Lecture 22: Managing Transactions Exposure Continued




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