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Auditing (ACCT3322) Complete Notes from Week 1-12 (very useful for final exam, mid semester exam, and weekly quizzes)

ACCT3322 Auditing is a tough unit, but my notes will be able to help you pull through this unit. My...

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Chapter 1 - Intro and Overview of Audit and Assurance 1 Chapter 4 - Risk Assessment (Materiality) 3...

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Comprehensive HD notes ACCT3322 Auditing (Mark of 85/100 : HD Notes)

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Personally, I found this unit quite interesting. The lectures were good (I watched them all online), with the biggest downside being that the lecturer Prerana would ask questions into the room, which were not caught by the microphone. She seemed very helpful, always encouraging us to write an email if we were unsure about anything. To me, the only downside was the tests. I have 25% extra time, which meant that I was asked to do the "special" test on Saturday morning for people who were unable to attend the tutorials, etc. This test is at 8.30 AM, meaning that I forgot about it twice (my own fault entirely, but still, frustrating to miss out on an HD for it). It might just be something to consider for others too. Our tutor, Patrick, was great too. Always super helpful, great at explaining concepts, very passionate and knowledgeable. Fully recommend this unit if you're interested in auditing.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

I find this unit really interesting and personally, I feel like there isn't that much theory to understand. If you get the basics, everything else will be a breeze as the contents every week relate to one another. Definitely must keep up with lectures and tutorials (I find them both useful). It is very easy to get marks in the assessments other than the final exam so be sure to really work on them properly as the final exam was much difficult (all essays and short answers). I ended up with an HD despite only getting 72% on my final exam. The only downside for this unit is that the lecturer David Gilchrist seems to be a bit annoyed when students are asking him questions during the consultation, even though no doubt, he is a pretty good lecturer, just a bit boring. My tutor, Patrick, on the other hand, is definitely the best accounting tutor I have throughout my time at UWA. He explains really well, gives really good examples during tutorials, is very passionate about auditing, very understanding of us students as well. He even offers to have an extra session during the exam study break week to help us out.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Very content heavy and theory based. Make sure you read the textbook chapters for the quizzes. Making notes for the case study really helps.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018