Semester 2, 2016

Comprehensive HD notes ACCT3322 Auditing (Mark of 85/100 : HD Notes)

146 pages

33,285 words




Through these notes, I achieved a mark of 85. Extremely well priced for what you're getting.

I am selling my notes from Auditing (ACCT3322 - UWA) from Semester 2, 2016. These notes summarise ALL lecture slides and their corresponding textbook chapters and also ALL important content and examples from textbooks and lectures that will come up in exams, tests and assignments. Complete from Week 1 to Week 13.

One of the most comprehensive notes you'll find. These notes summarises each topic to DETAIL so that minimal guidance from the textbook is required, but still in an easy to follow format (all notes are written in detailed dot points, with easy to follow diagrams/tables, rather than lengthy and hard to follow paragraphs). It incapsulates all important materials from lectures and the textbook into one easy to follow, and easy to read document.

So basically, ALL you need to know for the unit to achieve a HD in one document.