Australian Principles of Tort Law (4th Ed)

Pam Stewart, Anita Stuhmcke

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Butterworths Tutorial Series: Torts

Martin Davies

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Butterworths Casebook Companions: Torts

Mendelson, Danuta

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Duncan Holmes

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Essential Tort Law

Anita Stuhmcke

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Samuel Kwaw Nyameke Blay, Justice Young

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Torts: Routledge-Cavendish Questions and Answers Series

Jason Lowther

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Tort Law

Marshall Cavendish Corporation, Routledge Cavendish

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Australian Principles of Tort Law (4th Ed)

Pam Stewart, Anita Stuhmcke

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Australian Principles of Tort Law

Pam E. Stewart, Anita Stuhmcke

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70311 Torts: Comprehensive HD Notes (86%)

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Torts Full Exam Notes

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Torts - Whole Textbook + Seminar Notes - High Distinction (90)

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HD 70311 Torts Exam Notes

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Torts QUALITY CONCISE summaries for the exam

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Negligence Summary Notes

Topics covered include: 1. Duty of Care 2. Breach of Duty of Care 3. Proof and Causation 4. Scop...

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Intentional Torts Summary of Topics

Topics Covered: 1. Nature of intentional torts 2. Trespass to Person 3. Trespass to Land 4. Defe...

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I was nervous to do this subject when I saw the exam weighing was 60%. It is a subject full of extensive workload, however, it is soooo interesting. The tutor was a practicing lawyer so she made learning to be fun and engaging. Exam was tough but interesting.

Anonymous, Spring session, 2018

Torts was my third law subject at UTS and the most interesting so far. Torts, along with Crim Proc, is what you'd think law is about. You learn about the various duties of care owed by individuals, employers, public authorities, etc. to individuals, employees and the public. You will research very interesting cases, some of which date back to only a few years ago. You will have seminars dedicated to discussing the law of torts as well as answering problem questions. CP is 20% which will get doubled up and substitute the other mark you get for the research essay if you've done better in it. This mechanism is there to maximise your mark. Also a mechanism to allow you to completely ignore either CP or the essay and work hard on the other. There are about 100 cases which come up in the course but only a few will be of use in the exam. It would be a good idea to have a short summary for all cases for class discussion, and then about 20 out of all for the exam. These will be cases with significant ratios and legal concepts. The exam is open book with two problem questions. If the problem questions allows you to talk about many things you've learnedd you will be able to, provided you have good notes and have studied, achieve a distinction overall.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

A great and interesting subject by far and having one of the textbook co-authors, Pam, was one of the best experiences. Would love to have done more torts, by far one of the most interesting substantive law subjects.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014

That note was really helpful. Thanks

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014