Services Marketing: Concepts, Strategies, & Cases

K. Douglas Hoffman, John E.G. Bateson

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SM: Succinct Academic scholar's HD notes!!!

Written by Aidan

Topics Include: - Introduction to Services - Blueprinting process; Managing the Physical Environm...

20 pages, 4957 words

Services Marketing Lecture Notes

Written by Danna

Notes + Content for Lectures 1-11, easy to read and nicely formatted!

46 pages, 8157 words

HD - Services Marketing Notes

Written by Monica

These notes summarise the lecture notes and textbook chapters. They are perfect for the mid sem/f...

11 pages, 3100 words

Concise HD Services Marketing Notes

Written by Tim

Extensive Services Marketing notes compiled from both the textbook and lecture slides that allowed m...

69 pages, 9049 words

HD Services Marketing Notes

Written by Marissa

All lecture content and examinable material including: - Introduction to Services - Customer Dec...

61 pages, 8553 words

Services Marketing Notes

Written by Taylor

This includes all lecture notes as well as additional notes from the textbook including chapter summ...

36 pages, 12547 words

Detailed Services Marketing Notes

Written by Emma

Detailed notes covering all material covered in lectures and tutorials

35 pages, 8107 words


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