International Finance: an analytical approach

Moosa, Imad

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International Financial Management

Geert J. Bekaert, Robert J. Hodrick

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International Financial Management Pearson International Edition

Bekaert, Hodrick*

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Written by Thomas

These notes offer a COMPLETE summary of all content from FINC3011 lectures. There is a lot of conten...

68 pages, 23444 words

FINC3011 HD Notes + tips

Written by Mark

Updated for 2017 Ace this course with HD notes that cover the lectures and parts the textbook. In...

34 pages, 12354 words

International Financial Management (FINC3011): Complete Set of Notes

Written by Ash

Comprehensive and complete set of course notes compiled from lecture notes, course textbook and othe...

73 pages, 26000 words


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Course sounds like a management course however it is almost exclusively based on FOREX and investment decisions regarding FOREX risk. It is an interesting course and not too hard plus the lecturer (Tro) was fantastic!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014