Semester 1, 2018

Rank 2nd: FINC3011 Weekly Notes

61 pages

12,000 words



Hello, I ranked 2nd in this UoS. With the help of my weekly notes , you can achieve HD more easily.
I spent considerable amount of effort preparing this set of notes and all notes are well-organized, concise and understanble.
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List of contents:
1. Introduction.
2. FX Markets & Exchange Rates.
3. International Parity Conditions (I).
4. International Parity Conditions (II).
5. Currency Derivatives (I).
6. Currency Derivatives (II).
7. Exchange Rate Determination.
8. Risk Management and FX Hedging.
9. Real Exchange Risk and Economic Exposure.
10. International Debt and Equity Financing.
11. International Capital Market Equilibrium.




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