Foundations of Marketing

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Foundations of Marketing

Armstrong, et. al.

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Foundations of Marketing

Owen Seamons

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Foundations of Marketing

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Foundations of Marketing

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MKTG1501 Final Exam Study Notes

These notes are a summary of the key concepts for the final exam. These notes have been taken from t...

21 pages, 6243 words

MKTG1501 Course Summary Notes

The notes cover all the core concepts necessary for the final exam. All lectures are summarised with...

27 pages, 6535 words

MKTG1501 Midsem Notes

Topics 1-7: 1. What is Marketing 2. Creating Value (and Competitive Advantage) 3. Strategy and Pl...

28 pages, 3985 words

Mid-Semester Exam Notes (Lectures 1 - 7)

Week 1: Marketing Concepts / Marketing Plan / Teams Week 2: Creating Value and Competitive Advantag...

37 pages, 7315 words

MKTG1501 Weeks 1-12 Summaries

Full semester of lecture summaries for final exam

38 pages, 5338 words

Summary for Final Exam

Here is all the key points for final exam (lecture 1-12), which should be useful for your final revi...

50 pages, 8224 words


Complete set of notes for MKTG1501. Used for the Final Exam to gain a 7. Suitable for all assessment...

17 pages, 5240 words


Complete notes for MKTG1501 Final for Semester 1, 2017.

17 pages, 5240 words


Summary for the full semester from textbook (except week 14)

34 pages, 14443 words


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great sub, very simple

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

This course has easy content however a very difficult amount of word count to complete in order to well. The course is 70% individual assignment and 30% online quizzes. Word count was unlimited for every assignment. The average word count for the first assignment in my tutorial, worth 10%, was 9000 words. It only got worse each assignment. If this is not a compulsory course for you degree, do not take this course. The work load is equivalent to two standard courses at least.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

The group project was a challenging element to this course and I think it could be structured a little better assessment wise but overall a relatively easy course to do well in.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Content is fun and engaging (especially with Rohan) however the group assignment is a lot of work and the marks don't seem to reflect the effort put in. So make sure your group is good and you follow the rubric more than the outline that is given. Definitely a mistake done by my group was not consulting the rubric so although maximum effort was exerted, we did not meet all criteria. Regardless, still able to do well with the extra little marks from tutorials and being genuinely engaged by the content.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017