Managing Business Communication MGMT2002 (Custom Edition)

Devito, Ray Durham

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Managing Business Communication MGMT2002 DN Notes

These notes were taken directly from the textbook (prescribed in class) and include the chapters:...

63 pages, 21433 words

Managing Business Communication

Includes Chapters (from the textbook) - Chapter 1: Effective Business Communication - Chapter 17:...

63 pages, 21439 words

MGMT2002 Final Exam Notes

***Distinction notes*** With an easy layout consisting of lecture + textbook notes, I can guarant...

70 pages, 9750 words


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- easy, breezy course with common sense information - not worth powerpoint slides explaining the most obvious - marks were very easy to get if you have nice tutor - graham was so cute and nice. Tutorials were a breeze with no marks whatsoever, more like chitchatting, but can get one sided when only the few engaged students talk with tutor online. - i'd think you either hate or love this subject; call it useful or not. personally been humbling experience for me - the two reflections were mark boosters - got 92 in the first one, but disappointed with a 77 in the second despite same amount of effort. Perhaps change up your subject, or could be the subjectivity of tutor. Either way, overall 83, so HD is reasonably attainable if you take time with the subject.

Anonymous, Term 3, 2020

Content for this course is understandable, with a lot of different management theories included. Weekly quizzes are not as hard, just make sure you read through lecture materials and you'll be fine. However, the marking was quite strict for the written assignment and final exam, but all other components were alright.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018