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Top Ranked 17+ great reviews, experienced, Staff Tutor@UTS, D avg, exam focused, tailored, honours scholar, conceptual tutor.

I'm a distinction average Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business graduate, majored in Applied Physics and Economics, graduating with distinction in Economics. And I tutor Science and Business ONLINE via ZOOM on weekends.

I have completed a Science Honours in Theoretical Physics & Mathematics at UNSW now. But I am still a tutor in subjects ranging from Fundamental Maths to Business Statistics to Accounting and more.

Rate is higher after week 10 / near exam period.


Aiden, is a super-prepared and super-organised tutor. Each session Aiden comes prepared with notes, and learning documents and is ready to answer any question you can possibly ask. I have come such a long way in statistics and it would have been impossible without Aiden!

Aiden went above and beyond to ensure I was ready for all things statistics. He came to the session prepared with resources to effectively teach me content I had struggled to grasp all semester. I would recommend Aiden to everybody in need of a tutor.

Aiden has been a huge help to me!! He really worked hard to get my grades up for Stats and Accounting and let me decide what I wanted to work on. Would really recommend Aiden to anyone who needs to improve their marks quickly- he really helped me out majorly!!!!

Great tutor, he is always prepared with questions that he has preworked so that he can guide you through every part of the question and goes through the questions and areas of struggle in great detail. He is very knowledgeable in the subject and extremely well prepared. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!
- Martina Bizzarri

Aiden is an extremely meticulous and patient tutor. He comes to every session very well prepared with individual pages on every step of whatever it is that he is tutoring. If he notices you’ve missed a step or finds faults in your method he often resolved this by covering the basics in an easy to comprehend and effective manner, and if you’re still struggling, finds another way to explain things until they click.
Not only is his textbook knowledge outstanding, but he also has a very large amount of contextual knowledge of how certain concepts were first discovered which makes each session more interesting.

Aiden is a super organised and patient tutor! He comes to each session with pre-prepared material to assist in grasping difficult concepts. Highly recommend for anyone struggling with their university subjects!

Before reaching out to Aiden I was very down about my performance in Accounting. I worked with Aiden to understand the accounting concepts and mathematics and have learnt a lot even in a short amount of time. Aiden is sensitive to my accessibility issue, he is very patient and willingly explains concepts multiple times until it clicks when needed. Working with Aiden as my tutor has helped me gain confidence in the subject and improved my performance. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, kind and helpful tutor, I would definitely recommend Aiden!

Aiden has been very helpful in building up my confidence in foundation mathematics where I was struggling in calculus. He always helped explain problems and formulas that I couldn’t understand in a very easy-to-understand way. He provided a bigger picture thinking on some concepts which helped me to understand them. He was always willing to go through steps patiently and ensuring I understood. Very patient, friendly, knowledgeable and so willing to help! Thanks so much Aiden!

Aiden helped me tremendously with Accounting and Finance! He prepared notes and past papers and explained all the complex concepts in a perspective that I would understand. I highly recommend Aiden as he genuinely cares about how you perform in the subject!

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Aiden throughout Spring session this year. A fantastic and patient tutor, he always comes to each session well prepared with content and practice questions. After struggling to grasp the concepts in Accounting A early in the semester I started working with Aiden and saw massive improvements in my homework and managed to pass the mid semester exam with a high distinction! Aiden has been very patient whilst working with me and always checks my understanding. If something isn't clicking he will find another way to explain things until they do. Aiden went above and beyond this semester and has helped me feel more confident in my understanding of accounting and ready to tackle my exams. Whether you are struggling with the content or want to improve your grades, I would highly recommend working with Aiden!

Aiden is a patient and diligent tutor who really goes the extra mile. Whilst initially struggling to grasp the statistical and econometrics topics, Aiden was able to explain the difficult concepts in a way that made more intuitive sense and was able to guide me through the necessary skills needed for both the assignments and final exam. Not only that, he was able to help me build my confidence in tackling the difficult questions and I was able to achieve a distinction average for the assignments, I couldn't have done it without his guidance. I would get in touch with Aiden if you're struggling with statistics or econometrics, you'll definitely understand the concepts better and achieve great results!

Aiden is a knowledgable tutor who have huge knowledge of Statistics. He is very passionate in helping me to learn the concept and he is also flexible at his teaching style changing to suit my learning ability very well. He always come to the session slide, practice exam paper and note to make sure that im 1000% prepared for the final exam. He make me feel much more comfortable with the subject that I thought I would never pass. Highly recommended.




Aiden is an amazing tutor with broad knowledge of the subject content. He follows up and is meticulously prepared for every lesson while also being flexible and responsive. Highly recommended.

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since September, 2020

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