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Academic Tutor with HD average - Ranked 1st in Economics, Accounting, Finance and Stats - Taking Bookings for Sem 1, 2019 now - LIMITED SPACES so mess...
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Hi there!

I am a Bachelor of Electrical (Honours Class 1) and Master of Biomedical (Excellence) graduate from UNSW!

I have been tutoring higher...
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Experienced, organised and inviting tutor. I'm here to see you engaged and confident with your studies!

I am an Engineering and Physics graduate fr...
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I am a semi-professional tutor with over 10 years experience. I have a degree in mathematics and physics with a minor in creative writing. I am also w...
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I'm currently a PhD Engineering student. I am a dynamic, ambitious, innovative and engaging tutor.
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Hi, I have a degree in Theoretical Physics and Pure Mathematics (i.e Theoretical Mathematics) from the UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE.
I have plenty of exper...
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Qualifications:Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences(PURE MATHEMATICS) from the UNIVERSITY of ADELAIDE. ALSO, a THEORETICAL PHYSICS student.
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I am studying data science and also mathematics education.

Why do I teach? I enjoy helping students in their journey to achieve their scholastic g...
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