Managing Organisations and People MGMT1001


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Managing Organisations and People MGMT1001


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Managing Organisations and people

Robbins, Berman, Stagg, Coulter

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Angelo Kinicki, Kinicki Et Al, Brian Williams, Brenda D. Scott-Ladd, Martin Perry

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Managing Organisations and People


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Written by Joseph

MGMT1001 is course loaded with content and with trimesters in place, these notes will give you a com...

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Written by Kartya

Complete and comprehensive notes! Covering the following topics: - Introduction to organisations an...

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MGMT1001 Comprehensive Course Notes

Written by Akhil

Complete notes from each lecture, including integrated textbook screenshots. LECTURE 01 – WHAT IS...

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MGMT1001 Final Exam Comprehensive HIGH DISTINCTION (88) Notes

Written by Natalie

These HD notes provide a detailed overview of the entire semesters course content. By reading and st...

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Written by Tom

These notes are very comprehensive and cover all necessary course concepts. Topics The exceptional...

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MGMT1001 New Trimester Syllabus (D)

Written by Samantha

Notes integrate material from lectures, the prescribed textbook, tutorials, and examinable case stud...

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MGMT1001 concise course notes w/ HD essay template

Written by Jessie

These HD notes summarise the entire MGMT1001 semester course content in a concise manner. These note...

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Written by Jason

HD FULL COURSE NOTES (LECTURE SUMMARIES) Topics: - Individual and group decision making - The e...

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CONCISE HD (88) MGMT1001 Final Exam Notes

Written by Natalie

These HD notes summarise the entire MGMT1001 semester course content in a very concise manner. These...

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MGMT1001 Notes - Distinction

Written by Sandra

Topics: 1. Introduction to Organisations and Management 2. Foundations of Management Theory 3. So...

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I took this course in the summer term. The workshops are the highlight of the course. They are engaging and the staff really put in a lot of effort to make them fun and interactive for students. I learnt a lot during this course - mostly through the hands on activities.

Anonymous, Term 3, 2019

Great overall coverage

Anonymous, Term 1, 2019

Useless. I didn’t learn anything.

Anonymous, Term 2, 2019

If i could rate this subject a 0/100 i would, this is a complete and utter waste of time. I gathered a lot of useless information which is not applicable in any business related situations. I have never wasted an accumulative of 10 hours (in tutorials) which I could have spent studying other subjects that are actually worth my time. Additionally, the tutorials did not cover any actual content with the exam questions asking me what model of car I saw in a lecture slide. The assessment requirements were extremely vague and were overall poorly marked. This was meant for Semester 1, 2019!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

A hit or miss course due to the reports since they are very subjective so you may earn a high mark or very low mark depending on your tutor. Otherwise, everything else is free marks, where for the finals you only need a basic understanding to smash it. Another issue is the tutorials, which were a complete waste of time and do not help for the other assessments tasks nor give any value. I hope the tutorials do change because the simulation and other exercises were quite enjoyable. Overall, a very easy course if you were lucky to receive high marks in the reports but requires a lot of effort due to a heavy workload.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

They made the course really enjoyable this sem. Tutorials were hands-on and engaging, lecture style was interesting and the assignments were well-spaced, well-weighted and not too difficult

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

You will be fine if you are not the only domestic student in your allocated group.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Pros: as a first sem subject (normally taken in first year) it was great to see what sort of essay writing skills are expected in university. The Everest simulations were also fun. Cons: tutors seem to be bored by content (as were students).

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Harsh marking on the report assessments, definite wam killer. But I enjoyed the tutorials and simulations, and personally, I thought the content was easy.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

No lecture recording plus full lecture slides. Tutorials were also a waste of time as it only involves some activities and does not teach you any course theories or problem solving. Both reports and essays are marked very subjectively. Neither Lynn Gribble or Julie Wilson (the LIC) will answer your questions fully and completely on Moddle discussion forum and it is pretty much a waste of time to look for useful information or hints. from the discussion forum. Tutorials is such a waste! Worst tutorials at UNSW and will not help you in any possible ways for your assignments and finals

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016