Criminal Laws

Professor David Brown

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Criminal Laws

Brown, Farrier, McNamara

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Annotated Criminal Legislation New South Wales

Roderick N. Howie, P Johnson

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LexisNexis Study Guide: Criminal Law for Common Law States

Spears, Quilter

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Criminal Laws

David Farrier, Sandra Egger, Luke McNamara, Michael Grewcock, Donna Spears

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Criminal Laws

Professor David Brown

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Foundations of Australian Law

Harvey, Callie

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Criminal Laws

David Farrier, Sandra Egger, Luke McNamara, Michael Grewcock, Donna Spears

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Criminal Laws

Professor David Brown

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Written by Gina

Detailed notes on all topics including: - Theory and Process - Offences - Drug Offences - Publ...

156 pages, 54737 words


Written by Sam

I used these notes to receive a Distinction Mark in Criminal Law. These notes have been comprehen...

203 pages, 75691 words

LAWS1021 Final Exam Notes (86, HIGH DISTINCTION)

Written by Thomas

Notes covering the ENTIRE LAWS1021 final exam. Received a High Distinction with a final mark of 86 f...

35 pages, 36 words

D-CCP-Exam Note(coloured)

Written by Allen

I got a D in the final exam and another partner, on the basis of this note, also got an HD in the pr...

19 pages, 9638 words

Reading notes

Written by Linda

Topics include: criminalisation, the Criminal process, police powers, components of criminal offence...

126 pages, 67322 words

[HD 2018] Full Course Notes AND Exam Guide - LAWS1021

Written by Jack

This is a comprehensive set of notes covering the readings from EVERY week in detail (148 pages). Th...

181 pages, 79929 words

Crime and the Criminal Process EXAM NOTES - OFFENCES & POLICY

Written by Melissa

Condensed notes for use in the problem (offences) and the policy sections of the CCP exam. These...

34 pages, 11256 words

BEST Final Exam Notes for CCP (15 pages for EVERYTHING!!!!)

Written by Theo

I bet this is one of the best notes available on the market. All are my original work and got an HD...

15 pages, 8126 words

Crime and the Criminal Process Distinction Notes

Written by Adriana

Complete notes for Crime and the Criminal Process (JURD7121/LAWS1021). Notes are colour coded, for...

106 pages, 66724 words

Distinction Crime and the Criminal Process Notes

Written by Zara

These LAWS1021 notes follow the exact structure you should use to approach your problem question. Pr...

92 pages, 35421 words


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The content of this course is generally fantastic, but can feel a little overwhelming at times - particularly at the end of the course where most of the substantive law is taught. I feel like experiences with this course might vary if you don't have a great tutor (though mine was great). On the whole though, all of the substantive law, and much of the theory, is incredibly relevant to criminal law practice. The majority of criminal matters will never see a District or Supreme Court, and so the approach that UNSW has taken with this course with it's focus on lower courts is a great counterpoint to the traditional 'founding principles of criminal law' approach. I feel UNSW's criminal law education is actually the best in NSW, and I think this course, as long as you dig into it, is a major reason for that.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Personally not my favourite.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Disorganised course, with a lot of theoretical content in the first two thirds of the semester that is barely applied in the test. Court report assessment was basically hidden on moodle and we were only told much later in the semester. I'd recommend starting the court report straight away, as I did publaw in the same semester and mid term assessments for them both were due the same week. I'd also recommend focusing on the actual content based parts of the course that's covered in basically the last three weeks (like police powers, bail, drugs, public order offences), as the problem question is worth twice as much as the theory part, at least in 2016. On the plus side, 10% CP is a lifesaver.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016