Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

Jonathan Berk, Peter DeMarzo, Jarrad Harford, Guy Ford, Vito Mollica, Nigel Finch

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Essentials of Corporate Finance


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Financial Institutions, Instruments and Markets

Viney, Christopher

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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

Jonathan Berk, Peter DeMarzo, Jarrad Harford, Guy Ford, Vito Mollica, Nigel Finch

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Essentials of Corporate Finance

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Essentials of Corporate Finance

Ross, Stephen

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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

Jonathan Berk, Peter DeMarzo, Jarrad Harford, Guy Ford, Vito Mollica, Nigel Finch

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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

Jonathan Berk, Peter DeMarzo, Jarrad Harford, Guy Ford, Vito Mollica, Nigel Finch

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Essentials of Corporate Finance

Ross, Stephen

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HD FINS1613 Summary Notes

Written by Kevin

Summary Notes covering all of FINS1613 Course Material from Semester 1, 2018 Topics Included: 0 -...

53 pages, 13972 words

FINS1613 Course Summary Notes

Written by Lachlan

Notes covering all topics in the course outline. Content taken from lecture slides, textbook example...

52 pages, 16342 words

FINS1613 Full Course Notes (93, HIGH DISTINCTION)

Written by Thomas

Notes covering the ENTIRE FINS1613 course, including the final exam. Received a High Distinction wit...

32 pages, 12611 words

FINS1613 Business Finance Comprehensive Notes - S1 2015, Mark = 86 HD

Written by Suzie

Consolidated personal comprehensive notes from lecture slides and textbook with examples and diagram...

53 pages, 19987 words

FINS1613 Business Finance Course Summary

Written by Jess

Compiled and summarised FINS1613 Notes. All textbook and lecture notes tailored to the final exam.

26 pages, 9955 words

FINS1613 - Business Finance Notes

Written by Sebastian

Clear and concise notes for FINS1613 in nice bullet-point format. Includes bolding for significant t...

46 pages, 7512 words

HD FINS1613 Extensive Notes

Written by Oscar

These are comprehensive FINS1613 notes that cover lecture notes and prescribed textbook readings. T...

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FINS1613 Microeconomics 1 Notes | HD - High Distinction | Dean's List Note

Written by Kevin

These are a comprehensive summary of the entirety of the course. I have created the notes in a w...

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FINS1613 Comprehensive High Distinction Notes

Written by Brian

Comprehensive FINS1613 notes summarising key content from lectures and textbooks. Easy to read an...

28 pages, 10072 words

DISTINCTION FINS1613 Comprehensive Course Notes

Written by Clare

These are a comprehensive set of course notes, which include information from a number of sources to...

61 pages, 21273 words


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Quite an interesting course covering a lot of fundamental areas of finance. A good introduction but a little bit dry. Assessments were too few and too heavily weighted

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Semester 1 is no longer the easier time to do it as they have amped the difficult rate due to everyone picking it in Sem 1. Needs constant revision and although there is MyFinanceLab, I felt there was not enough practice as the final exam was straight out of no where. Would recommend you get a lot of help if you want to do well.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

The difficulty depends on the semester you take. Do it in sem 1 (easier). Robert is a fantastic lecturer. If you have the korean guy, you're screwed. He made extremely difficult exam (but scale later though). Content-wise, the course is pretty useful and provides good foundational knowledge to upper finance courses.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Do it in the first semester with Robert. Its a lot easier. he explains concepts very well. you learn basic finance topics like bonds, equity, capital budgeting. Do different types of questions in each topic so you know how to solve problems faster in the final exam.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Rob is a great lecturer & sets out quizzes and finals in a way that encourages you to think outside the box, yet still encapsulate what you actually learn. Finals are obviously harder but will do fine if you actually study

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Mixed feelings about this subject. Some of the content is interesting but I found most of the course fairly boring. First quiz is pretty easy, second one was much harder. Rob Tumarkin was fantastic, other lecturers not so much. Lots of practice material. MyFinanceLab is free marks, do it.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Found this to be my most boring subject. It is very dry, and tutorial homework consisted of quizzes that could be assisted so 100% everytime with no intuition. Some questions were tough in the assessments and required good knowledge of formulas and out of the box thinking.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Lectures were pretty great, though I didn't attend the last few lectures and I hear his accent was intelligible. Assessment consisted of weekly online quizzes, two tutorial quizzes, the main test and tutorial CP. Quizzes are easy as you can try them as many times as you like. Tutorial quizzes were a little harder than the quizzes, but some questions are taken from past quizzes. Main test was much harder than the previous assessments. But overall a solid course. I got a distinction without using a textbook, so I'd say the lecture notes are sufficient.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Robert Tumarkin is a great lecturer. Maths gets a bit tricky towards the end, but overall good course.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Very in-depth and comprehensive introduction to the field of finance

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014