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Complete 2018 VETS20014 Lecture Summary Notes for Exam Preparation

Written by Zois

Notes include all topics covered and succinct summary of all key information, avoiding unnecessary d...

59 pages, 17152 words

FAH1 Comprehensive Notes

Written by Emily

Excellent notes covering the entire semester

91 pages, 18000 words

FAH1 Toxicology

Written by Andrea

C O N T E N T : // Toxicology // Great for the visual learners, my notes are re-typed and organi...

29 pages, 5115 words

Foundations of animal health 1

Written by Niki

Notes for the first semester of VETS20014, Foundations of Animal Health. Extremely comprehensive...

102 pages, 19005 words


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Half the semester is based on the feeding requirements of animals ie grass, can be very dry at times. Other topics are animal behaviour, scientific method and toxicology. MC questions are easy and usually repeats from practice questions. Involves a lot of simple maths and conversions. Achievable H1 with hard work. Make sure to use the words used in the lecture for short answer questions. Found the group study thing useless.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Frustrating tests. Little to no practice questions, and the ones that do come out only are released 4 days before a test. How on earth is a student meant to fully revise without a test? Interesting lecture content and great lecturers, but seems dumb/unnecessary to have every single lecture online. Hard to learn content, and frustrating as well.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018