Semester 1, 2018

FAH1 H1 (82) Notes 2018

105 pages

28,900 words




Complete notes for Foundations of Animal Health 1 (VETS20014) written in an easy to read, comprehensive format. These notes clearly explain all topics covered in lectures, and also provide further information to ensure a H1 understanding. Covers heavily assessed concepts that are only briefly discussed in lectures in a greater level of detail to aid in understanding.

Topics covered are:
- Week 1: Feed Sources and the Anatomy of Digestion
- Week 2: Fundamental Components of Food
- Week 3: Feeding and Nutrition
- Week 4: Nutrition of Grazing Animals
- Week 5: Nutritional Supplementation
- Week 6: Formulating Rations
- Week 7: Environmental Effects on Animals
- Week 8: Introduction to Toxins
- Week 9: Toxins and Agents of Disease in Domestic Animals
- Week 10: Identifying Causes of Disease and Evaluating Treatment, and Scientific Methods in Veterinary Medicine
- Week 11: Understanding Dog and Cat Behaviour
- Week 12: Behaviour of Small Animals when Interacting with Humans




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