Fundamentals of Psychology

Eysenck, Michael

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Fundamentals of Psychology

Eysenck, Michael

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(97)H1 Comprehensive MBB1 notes

Content included: Comprehensive lecture notes + all case studies for all chapters 1. Learning & Me...

73 pages, 10715 words

H1 MBB1 (PSYC10003) Comprehensive Subject Notes

High-quality subject notes created from all lectures, commentaries and online research methods modul...

74 pages, 19281 words

Comprehensive H1 Mind, Brain and Behvaiour 1 Notes

Full notes from weeks 1 to 12 covering behavioural neuroscience, sensation & perception, cognition &...

29 pages, 11219 words

H1 Mind, Brain and Behaviour 1 (PSYC10003) Notes

These notes are easy to follow, and cover the entire unit in great detail including: 1. Behavioural...

34 pages, 10328 words

PSYC10003 Subject Notes

These notes helped me achieve an H1 (86) in MBB1, and I hope they can help you do the same! They are...

44 pages, 15535 words

H1 MBB1 Behavioural Neuroscience Exam Notes

H1 notes from Jason's lecture series on Behavioural Neuroscience. Concise, detailed, and thorough t...

27 pages, 8022 words

H1notes ! ! includes all the details of multiple questions!

H1notes ! ! includes all the details for multiple questions! VERY DETAIL!

61 pages, 61 words

MBB1 H1 Partial Lecture, Tutorial & Module Notes (Mostly Behavioural Neuroscience Notes, Research Methods Modules 1-5 Notes & Early Tutorial Notes)

Partial notes for the MBB1 subject. Helped achieve a H1 overall (89) in Semester 1, 2018. Doc...

49 pages, 16261 words

MBB1 Content Summary

This is a complete coverage of examinable material from Lectures and tutorials. Spent like 12 hours...

44 pages, 5000 words

H1 90 Comprehensive Notes PSYC10003

Extremely comprehensive yet concise notes for PSYC10003 lectures. Includes content for: Behavioural...

70 pages, 23253 words


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Literally guaranteed H1. Scored a 95 despite getting 34/40 on the essay (which should mean I get a max mark of 94/100?). Lecturers are good + some of it was interesting. Hated sense perception and barely understood it, BUT Piers was a great lecturer so it was pretty easy to score well in it + the exam just re-used the practice questions we'd been given. Also if you get to do this subject open book, 3 hour MCQ = literally enough time to triple check your answers using your notes and finding the correct lecture slides so really can't go wrong :)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2022

This subject was very interesting, well taught, and fairly assessed/marked. Good intro to psychology!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Interesting content but the quality of the lectures varied, with some lecturers going into good detail while others reading off slides without further explanations. Practical classes were fairly well-organised and aligned with subject content & upcoming assessments. The essay was a bit tricky, and some aspects were graded harshly (especially since it’s promoted as an essay for first-timers) but if you enjoy the topic and can delve into it deeply, it’s possible to score well. The exam wasn’t too difficult as long as you’ve taken notes, watched lectures, and answered the practice exams given prior to the exam. This is definitely more suited for students who enjoy the scientific aspects of psychology (since it covers sensation, perception, neuroscience, etc.) — coming from someone who has taken both MBB1 and MBB2.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2022

Great subject, covers lots of topics and I found the assignment and exam quite easy if you were prepared for it! The bio/neuropsych content was definitely trickier, but doable with a little work. Chris Groot is an awesome coordinator!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Fantastic subject which is extremely well organised. The lecturers were generally amazing and explained concepts so well (especially Piers (sensation and perception)! I think his lectures were quite good and he demonstrated a lot of key terms and concepts). REP gives you an easy 5% and the essay wasn't too hard if you put in the time and effort as the rubric was very clear as to what they expected from you. Neuroscience was definitely quite challenging (but definitely doable) as it definitely required a lot more rote learning. Still loved this subject.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

Interesting and crammable, a great WAM booster. I rushed through 8 weeks of lecture content in the last 2 days before final exam and I H1ed it. Meredith and Pier are the BEST lecturers and coordinators I've seen so far. They explained concepts really clear and they gave you exact learning outcomes of what you should've learned after each lecture. Practicals were easy and fun (I had Yana as my tutor and she was amazing). REP was hilarious and I recommend doing this ASAP so you can put it away and focus on other things (and get that easy 5%).

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

Interesting and not too difficult subject. If you watch the lectures, make comprehensive notes and do practice questions you can do very well in exam. I also loved the essay component. Very organised administration.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Pros: Definitely a WAM booster. Exam is ridiculously easy (mine was open-book). With some effort/dedication the essay is also do-able, lots of guidance is given, but don't procrastinate! 5% Research Participation is easy to attain. Cons: The lectures are pretty dull most of the time. Learning and memory (with Meredith) are okay, Sensation and Perception (with Piers) was very engaging but sometimes pretty challenging to understand. Neuroscience (Jason and Olivia) was just dull and difficult. Like somebody else said Meredith often left us to find out things for ourselves which is pretty annoying, and some of the learning outcomes wouldn't be addressed at all unless you did the readings/other tutorial prep work which sucked. Overall, not too bad, boring but easy.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

Lectures were great with Meredith - easy to follow. The only issue I had was Meredith often left off part of the lecture for us to figure out on our own and would later answer them at a Q&A. Tutorials were boring to say the particular tutor didn't really seem to know what she was doing. The biggest problem I had was the behavioural neuroscience section of the course. The first lecturer skimmed over many, many topics which made it kind of meaningless to me. I feel like she could have made it more valuable by focussing on specific examples (e.g. a specific pathway). The second lecturer had slabs of text which were confusing and convoluted. He used very relative, descriptor words to describe structures so it was hard to follow along. Also a peeve of mine is when lecturers have text over images, images overlapping, and the background was a weird brown so images and tables were hard to screenshot. (Although this subject didn't count towards my score, so I put in no effort).

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

Pretty good first year psychology subject. I really struggled to understand the behavioural neuroscience section... lecturer for that section was not very clear (Jason) and those topics are already quite full-on and not straightforward. Exam was hard for me, I was very tight on time. I preferred MBB2 only because the topics covered interest me more and so was easier to understand for me (e.g. developmental, clinical, social psyc).

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020