The Principles of Writing in Psychology

Smyth T.

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Introduction to Personality and Intelligence

Haslam, Nick

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Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Gravetter, Frederick J.

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The Principles of Writing in Psychology

Amanda LeCouteur

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Fundamentals of Psychology

Michael W.Eysenck

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Mind, Brain and Behaviour

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Study Guide for Gravetter/Wallnau's Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, 8th

Frederick J. Gravetter, Larry B. Wallnau Gravetter, Larry B. Wallnau

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MBB1 H1 Partial Lecture, Tutorial & Module Notes (Mostly Behavioural Neuroscience Notes, Research Methods Modules 1-5 Notes & Early Tutorial Notes)

Written by Tia

Partial notes for the MBB1 subject. Helped achieve a H1 overall (89) in Semester 1, 2018. Doc...

49 pages, 16261 words

H1 90 Comprehensive Notes PSYC10003

Written by Sam

Extremely comprehensive yet concise notes for PSYC10003 lectures. Includes content for: Behavioural...

70 pages, 23253 words

H1 MBB1 (PSYC10003) Comprehensive Subject Notes

Written by Daniel

High-quality subject notes created from all lectures, commentaries and online research methods modul...

74 pages, 19281 words

PSYC10003 Mind Brain and Behaviour 1 2014 lecture notes (H1 83%)

Written by George

I write notes for every lecture of the semester. I write them so I can refer to them at any point in...

35 pages, 10918 words

MBB1 Content Summary

Written by Ulysse

This is a complete coverage of examinable material from Lectures and tutorials. Spent like 12 hours...

44 pages, 5000 words

Learning and Cognition Notes

Written by Nikki

Well organised notes

22 pages, 7780 words

Behavioural neuroscience revision notes

Written by Nikki

Very concise notes!

28 pages, 6867 words

PSYCH10003 - Detailed notes on Learning & Quantitative Methods

Written by Johnny

Detailed and well-organised notes on the Learning & Quantitative method section for PSYCH10003.

63 pages, 9858 words

H1notes ! ! includes all the details of multiple questions!

Written by Melody

H1notes ! ! includes all the details for multiple questions! VERY DETAIL!

61 pages, 61 words

biology and cognitive parts of MBB1

Written by Jacqueline

Here are the detailed notes for the first and third sections for mind brain and behavior 1. Some...

35 pages, 10208 words


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pros of this subject is perhaps final exam is MCQs and it's rather straightforward. cons: I never enjoy's Simon's lecture at all, have extreme difficulty to understand him (as other review has mentioned as well), he hardly put proper bullet point on his slide too secondly, for the sunset essay (which is 40%), they kept telling you you could go as liberal as you can (i.e. there's not many guidelines or instructions you can refer to, the lecturer even said there are people writing novel or poem and end up scoring well LOL) Lectures other than Simon's one are good.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

First 4 weeks are hard, then it gets weird then it gets more into psychology. The assessment is pretty funny but its probably the only creative writing piece you will ever do at uni (unless you're studying creative writing...)

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Pretty intense start with neuroscience, but eases up from there. Lots of kooky professors which is always fun. The sunset assessment may seem weird at first but its quite fun if you let yourself enjoy it. Fairly easy exam, with some professors putting up a list of 60 questions throughout semester with 30 of them being put on the exam.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Prepare to be haunted by that sunset essay for the rest of your life.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Having never studied Psychology before, I was a bit hesitant enroling in this subject but compared to all of my other science-heavy subjects it looked like it would be a welcome break. It turned out to be a lot more than that as I really enjoyed it and felt like it was nicely coordinated. Yes, there is a lot of content but this is balanced by having a complete multiple choice exam and two assignments that don't require an extremely detailed knowledge of the lecture content to do well in. My tutor was lovely and the lectures weren't too bad despite the heavy and sometimes abstract content (i'm looking at you S&P). To do well in the assignments you have to read the criteria- I cannot stress this enough as it tells you simply what you need to include to gain marks. As for the exam, I was fully focused on my other subjects during SWOTVAC but did four days of intense study before the exam and managed to come away with an H1. If you stay on top of the lectures and put in a decent amount of effort you will be able to get a pretty good score.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

At the start of the semester I was quite overwhelmed by the heavy amount of content, there was SO SO MUCH, and then when we got to the second topic, sensation and perception, I completely stopped attending lectures and put off watching them online because I found it so difficult to follow Simon’s content. His teaching was very different to anything I’d experienced before and I found it extremely hard to grasp his key points and thus take notes. I still don’t know what he was going on about. Note that Simon posts about 60(?) questions of which about 30(?) form the exam and there’s answers all over the internet for them. However the second half of the semester was great, a lot easier and a lot more interesting!! If it wasn’t for the first half of the semester I’d have rated it 5 stars. The assignments weren’t too difficult, the SP one was quite abstract however which many found hard to grasp. The exam I felt I guessed every question in the first half, and if it wasn’t for the answers being posted online for Simons section I definitely would’ve failed that part! Defs worth putting the work in though. My tutor was awesome, but I felt intimidated by her to ask questions.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Very enjoyable! Neuroscience was heavy and difficult at times, but the lectures were very clear. S&P was difficult to take notes in and revise for, but fascinating and well-taught.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Honestly, the first halved of the semester for MBB1 really put a lot of people off. Behavioral neuroscience was slightly heavier than we expected, and sensation and perception part of MBB1 was quite ambiguous. But it was a relatively interesting subject, go with an open mind and try your best to understand what is thought in sensation and perception. They have improve some parts of the tutorial to let you have a clearer idea of what was thought in sensation and perception lectures. Learning and cognition, and memory and language was relatively simple to learn and easy to understand.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Very interesting, but threw me a huge curveball with sensation and perception. I didn't understand how I'd be assessed on that topic, and even though I ended up doing well, I was confused the whole way. The last few weeks on learning + cognition were the most interesting for me.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

As an arts student, this subject started off with some heavy science-related content but became more interesting as the semester progressed. Generally fun and interesting practicals but the lectures were boring at times. Straightforward and easy assessments if you put some effort into meeting the criteria.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018