Human Physiology

Dee Unglaub Silverthorn

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Human Physiology: Pearson New International Edition

Dee Unglaub Silverthorn

For sale by Sam for $30

Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology

Frederic H. Martini, Edwin F. Bartholomew, Judi Judi Lindsley Nath

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Human Physiology

Dee Unglaub Silverthorn

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Human Physiology

Dee Unglaub Silverthorn

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Human Physiology

Dee Unglaub Silverthorn

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Netter's Physiology Flash Cards

Susan E. Mulroney

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Human Physiology

Dee Unglaub Silverthorn

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Human Physiology An Integrated Approach + Interactive Physiology 10

Dee Unglaub Silverthorn, Claire W. Garrison, Andrew C. Silverthorn

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2019 S1 PHYS20008 Notes

Written by Byeongok

This is note is written throughout the semester, and covers ALL the details you need to know on this...

157 pages, 43243 words

PHYS20008 H1 93 Notes

Written by Marie

These notes comprehensively cover the lecture content of Human Physiology. They go into extra detail...

165 pages, 30306 words

H1 STUDENT, detailed notes for PHYS20008

Written by Britt

Lecture-by-lecture notes in great detail. Expands on lecture slides and includes all important point...

45 pages, 24860 words

Human Physiology Revision Notes

Written by Navjit

Comprehensive notes based on lecture content covering; Homeostasis Membrane Potential Sensory Sys...

30 pages, 10268 words

PHYS20008 Human Physiology Lecture notes - Part 3 (H1)

Written by Amaya

This is part 3 of the lecture notes for PHYS20008. This includes lectures 25-36. All notes are detai...

63 pages, 9000 words

PHYS20008 Human Physiology Semester 1 2016 lecture notes

Written by George

Hot off the press!! These PHYS20008 notes are from Semester 1 2016 and comprehensively cover the con...

54 pages, 25112 words

PHYS20008: Human Physiology Notes (H1: 88%) [Lecture notes, Workshop notes, PRS question notes, Textbook notes, etc.]

Written by Julian

PreMed: Check out my BCMB20002 and ANAT20006 notes. Included in these notes are: - Notes on Lect...

337 pages, 25994 words

PHYS20008 Human Physiology clear and organised notes (H1)

Written by Warren

For Human Physiology, I wrote brief notes in class then cleaned them up and cross-checked with refer...

58 pages, 18176 words

PHYS20008 Semester 1, 2017 Study Guide

Written by Kelly

This guide is made to follow the lectures covered in Semester 1, 2017. A study guide derived fro...

54 pages, 14517 words

Human Physiology ALL Lectures (1-33)

Written by Eily

Detailed description of ALL content within the subject Topics Include: Neural Integration w Muscle...

47 pages, 14792 words


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Most engaging lecturer I've ever had.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Loved loved loved this subject. Some parts of content were particularly challenging, but the lecturer is great at explaining things through and is so engaging and funny. The subject really focuses on your understanding of concepts rather than simple recall of facts, which can be good or bad depending on your learning style and commitment to the subject, but I found that the workshops and the lecturer's competence in explaining things really prepared you for the exam if you worked on it.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

I had a love-hate relationship with this subject. Charles is a very engaging lecturer. His humour and concise explanations make you want to attend lectures. However, this subject is very conceptual. It examines your understanding of concepts rather than recalling random facts about the body (which can be tricky, very different to other 2nd yr health sciences prereqs like ANAT20006). Assessments from Charles can also be hit-or-miss, as mentioned in other reviews. But, you are given plenty of resources to test your understanding of concepts like weekly quizzes, practice MSTs and workshops. If you make an effort to actively engage with the content in this subject, you will do well :)

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

As others have mentioned, the lecturer for this subject (Charles) is absolutely fantastic - very engaging, and goes through concepts thoroughly to make sure everyone understands. While the content of this subject looks to be less than ANAT20006, I found it comparatively harder (at least in terms of the final exam) as it really does examine your understanding of concepts, rather than factual knowledge. That's what physiology is, though, hence why I'm not detracting any stars from its rating. A fantastic subject!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Great entertaining lecturer. Seems like a lot of content but in fact doesn't require as much memorising. Instead requires a lot more understanding. The assessments from Charles can be quite difficult. They can be hit and miss in terms of whether you do well or not as well as you'd like.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Interesting content but the assessments are unnecessarily difficult. And he doesn’t focus on the specific question types he includes. The downside is unfortunately that this subject is a prerequisite for most postgraduate health science degrees.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Well thought subject by amazing lecturer, I'm sure you've probably heard about. there are concepts which you would need more time to digest and get you head around. Help is always available, use piazza for any questions you may have. A lot of critical thinking needed, but just try to do as much practice as you can, it makes concepts stick.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

PHYS20008 is taught fantastically (by the legendary Charles) and serves as an excellent introduction to Physiology.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Excellent subject, H1 very achievable. It's very conceptual though, more about applying concepts than memorization. Definitely recommend

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

WONDERFUL class. Charles is an absolute legend, probably one of the best lecturers in Uni. Even though the content was semi-hard he makes things interesting and wanting to learn.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018