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MIIM30014 MST01 Mock MST (with solutions)

Written by David

Topics: -Techniques for studying viruses -Viral transcription/replication: dsRNA viruses...

24 pages, 7187 words

Summary of the most important details (L12-21) and mock questions to prepare for MST2

Written by David

Topics: lectures 12-21. Viral pathogenesis, Respiratory viruses, sexually transmitted viruses: (HIV,...

9 pages, 2765 words

Profile of the viruses we'd learnt about

Written by David

Topics: -Enteric viruses -Sexually transmitted viruses -Arboviruses -Oncogenic viruses -Respir...

7 pages, 2555 words

Virology notes

Written by Y

It covers all the lectures in virology apart from the flip classes. Those notes are not a simple...

93 pages, 31992 words


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