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MIIM30014 Full Lecture Notes + Summary Tables + Revision Questions [H1 - 94%]

This set of notes has helped me score 90% in MST-1 and 100% in MST-2 with a final 94%. I hope it hel...

229 pages, 60182 words

MIIM30014 – Virology – Full Lecture Notes – *TOP STUDENT* H1 (94) - 2020

MIIM30014 – Virology – Full Lecture Notes – *TOP STUDENT* H1 (94) - 2020 Full Lectures notes (incl...

242 pages, 67366 words

Virology notes

It covers all the lectures in virology apart from the flip classes. Those notes are not a simple...

93 pages, 31992 words

Notes and mock MCQs: Viral pathogenesis, immune responses to viruses and viral evasion mechanisms

Topics: -Viral pathogenesis (respiratory viruses, sexually transmitted viruses, viral chemotherap...

15 pages, 2947 words

MIIM30014 Notes- based on Learning Objectives (H1)

Concise notes that covers all the content from both reading and lectures in key points, designed as...

36 pages, 29453 words

MIIM30014 MST01 Mock MST (with solutions)

Topics: -Techniques for studying viruses -Viral transcription/replication: dsRNA viruses...

24 pages, 7187 words

Profile of the viruses we'd learnt about

Topics: -Enteric viruses -Sexually transmitted viruses -Arboviruses -Oncogenic viruses -Respir...

7 pages, 2555 words

MIIM30014 - MST1 Lecture Notes - H1 (98)

MIIM30014 - MST1 Lecture Notes - H1 (98) Topics Covered: L1: Introduction to Viruses L2: Cul...

72 pages, 20428 words

MIIM30014 - MST2 Lecture Notes - H1 (96)

MIIM30014 - MST1 Lecture Notes - H1 (98) Topics Covered: L12: Viral Pathogenesis I L13: Viral...

89 pages, 23637 words


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A bit conflicted about this one. I thought that the content itself was really really interesting and coming out of this subject I feel like I've definitely learned a lot about viruses. And by a lot, I mean A LOT, because holy crap is this subject insanely content heavy. The coordinators, Damian and Jason, are both really nice but I think that the way the subject is taught could definitely do with some reorganisation. I felt like the order in which things were taught were a bit messy. In fairness though, it seems like they did a lot of reorganisation to increase the number of COVID-related lectures so that may be why things felt like a mess. Not a bad subject by any means, but definitely not an easy one. If you like viruses and are not afraid of a heavy workload, do it because you'll get a lot out of it.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

Honestly, Yes virology is interesting especially if you want to know about COVID-19 but this subject is very heavy in content and ROTE learning. Personally, i'm not a rote learning fan so this subject was not enjoyable for me.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020