Elementary Linear Algebra

Howard Anton, Chris Rorres

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Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications 9E


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Elementary Linear Algebra

Howard Anton

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Elementary Linear Algebra

Howard Anton, Chris Rorres

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Elementary Linear Algebra

Howard Anton, Chris Rorres

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MAST10007 - Linear Algebra Notes

Written by Chris

This is a comprehensive compilation of information from MAST10005 lectures, the textbook, tutorials,...

64 pages, 11500 words

All equations and definitions, detailed

Written by LEJIA

Detailed equations and definitions for every topic. Clear and extremely helpful!!! Especially for yo...

11 pages, 1125 words

Linear Algebra Complete H1 Notes

Written by Lachlan

Summarised from lecture slides, these are easy-to-follow notes I used to get an H1 (90).

10 pages, 2821 words

Neat, coloured, complete Linear Algebra Notes and Examples

Written by Brigitte

~~ INCLUDES SUMMARY OF EQUATIONS (at end) ~~ My notes include: - All notes from lectures - All...

127 pages, 3000 words

Linear Algebra Summary Notes for Selected Topics

Written by Jay

This set of MAST10007 notes contains a summary of selected topics in Linear Algebra, useful for exam...

8 pages, 1300 words

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A little harder in the beginning as the concepts are pretty abstract but the course is well taught and the topics are related to each other.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

For the first time, I was taught conceptually instead of just learning rules. It feels way too abstract during semester, but if you stay on top of the questions (seriously, do them all, the computation is time-consuming but super easy compared to calc 2) it all comes together really nicely at the end, and you feel pretty smart. It's a good intro to proofs and matlab.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Easier than Calculus 2, mostly because the calculations themselves are easier lol. The topics become somewhat abstract mid semester, and fully understanding needs more than just plugging and chugging calculations, though if your goal is a pass then plugging and chugging will achieve that. Compared to high school it's new and different. Lecturers were good, 3 streams to pick from. I've heard this subject is extremely useful for Graphics and Interaction (COMP30019), as understanding shaders and shader language requires linear algebra, so if your goal is to do this subject and you only need to take 25 credit points worth of first year maths, I highly recommend this subject.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

It is one of the easier first year Mathematics subjects if you know how to approach the questions. It requires you to keep upto the content throughout, since all topics are related unlike Calculus 2. Most of the assignments are online which makes it even easier to score marks since they have 3 attempts each. However the proofs can be very lengthy and difficult to understand at times.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Linear algebra is one of the basic maths subject you will need to do if you want to major in Engineering, Mathematics, Actuarial science and many more. It is a brand new area of maths from what we learnt in high school and I find it very interesting.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Linear algebra is a very interesting subject, however this course focuses mostly on matrix manipulation and isn't very abstract. There's a lot of computation and not as many proofs as I would like.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

This subject was the only thing keeping me going through a shitty semester. Topics are fascinating and extremely well taught, would recommend to anyone interested in doing comp sci or any other discipline where linear algebra is helpful.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Difficulty OF THIS SUBJECT very intense/Introduce into Computing using advantage of MATLAB you go to every week throughout the semester plus the weekly assignments goes 1 per cent to your final grade (10 in total) plus the MATLAB (10%). Overall, this is unlike any maths subject, you have to understand vector spaces, inner products etc.., you may come across a little bit from previous MAST calculus 1/2 or remember Year 11 VCE Methods with Matrixes (MOST OF THIS SUBJECT IS MOSTLY FOCUSED ON). Troubling myself throughout this semester and luckily the consultations I go there in person. And luckily I've passed.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Easier than Calc 2. Might seem a bit abstract initially (with all the subspace etc) but the final exam can be smashed if you've been practising the past papers.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Not enough effort was put into building the mathematical constructs of Linear Algebra. The subject is incredibly easy if you want to plug and chug, but unbelievably difficult for students who are actively trying to grasp the mathematical intuition behind what Linear Algebra actually -is-.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017