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I am a tutor in the maths department at the University of Melbourne for Calc 2, and am a masters student in pure mathematics.

I have a First Class Honours degree in Mathematics from the UK and have been employed previously by the University of Glasgow as a summer school mathematics tutor.

I have tutored students privately in
Calc 1, Calc 2, Linear Algebra, Complex Analysis, Real Analysis, Engineering Mathematics and Geometry (3rd year) as well as high school.

I believe that strong academic performance can be obtained by hard work together with good instruction. "Inherit ability" is nothing, I believe, but a result of these two important aspects. I pride myself on being able to both quickly identify the gaps in a students understanding, as well as how to effectively communicate these gaps to the student in a multitude of ways (visually, algebraically, by analogy, verbally, etc.) honing in on the way that makes the most sense for each student.

Throughout my first three years at university I obtained straight A's in all my mathematics subjects. However, this was quite difficult for me. This was due to having a poor high school education many years previously. As such I had to relearn all of high school mathematics on my own, before returning to university.At university I always felt behind the curve, and that I had to work twice as hard as other students. This has put me in a great position for tutoring, especially for students that find the subject naturally difficult, since I have approached my learning from a perspective of a struggling student. This means I am acutely aware of where troubles in understanding come from, and exactly how to overcome them.

Usually there is only one or two bits of information that a student needs in order to understand something in mathematics. I believe that I am very good at identifying those things that the student needs in order to 'get it'. I learned this skill during my degree in maths, where I felt like it took me a long time to find the one thing I needed, and when I found it, I acutely remembered the thing that helped me get it.

Whilst tutoring students I attempt to keep a 50/50 ratio of student speaking or writing to tutor instructing. Keeping the student interacting and speaking provides a perfect way to do two things simultaneously: 1) checking the student understands the material on the spot, and 2) as the student interacts then they reinforce what we are covering to help with recall afterwards.

I also emphasise mathematical spoken language, since writing and speaking involve two different parts of the brain. Interacting with the student via both mediums allows for the student to become a lot more comfortable with the abstract symbols, both in writing and reading. Once the student understands how to properly ‘talk’ mathematics, then reading it on their own (subvocalisation) becomes possible, and hence the symbols become much easier to handle and less daunting. I believe this is one of the major aspects left out in high school education, and can make the difference between being intimidated by the symbols or feeling comfortable with them.

Please message me if you wish for a reference. I have references for both university level mathematics, as well as high school mathematics.




I had Blake for Calculus 1. He explained the concepts/questions very well. Overall, it was very helpful.

Yun, StudentVIP member
since May, 2016


I have known Blake well for the past two years in our course in Glasgow. As a student, he was possibly the most devoted one to the course that I ever met. Fascinated as he always was with every subject, he must have spent hours upon hours of "procrastination" looking up more on anything that caught his attention. He always had something to add to a chapter when we were revising!

But of course it's not just a bit of background knowledge that will make someone an exellent tutor. What I believe truly makes Blake an outstanding teacher is his immense patience and his unique ability to analyse another person's words to understand precisely what is going on in their head. Maths is a difficult language and this kind of analysis is fundamental if a teacher wants to understand what their pupil needs to fix in their mind.

To conclude, I strongly believe that Blake's passion, knowledge and analytical skills make him an ideal person to help others understand and love mathematics.

Ntoros Ermis, StudentVIP member
since August, 2017