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-------------------------About me------------------------------

I am a full-time mathematics and higher-level maths tutor with a master's and honours undergraduate degree in pure mathematics. I have over 5 years of tutoring experience, including 3 years of running tutorials for undergraduates at the University of Melbourne. I have tutored over 15 separate university mathematics subjects: ranging from first year to honours level subjects.

I tutor a wide range of people with varying abilities. I have expertise in working with both university high-level maths, as well as self-proclaimed ‘non-maths’ people or those without a maths background. I aim to help anyone and everyone, no matter their current skill set, to understand maths and achieve their goals.

I am deeply passionate about mathematics education. I have given numerous talks and interactive classes over the years to undergraduate students and even the general public. I am adept in the programming language Python, which enables me to create 3-D animations for the talks, to aid visual demonstrations.

I received all A's in all of my 12 mathematics subjects in my first 3 years at university. However, I absolutely did not achieve these results easily. It involved substantial, sustained effort for me to reach this goal. In fact, I actually almost failed high school mathematics, and subsequently had a 5-year gap between high school and higher education. As such, I had to relearn all of high school mathematics on my own, before returning to university. Once at university I always felt behind the curve, and that I had to work twice as hard as other students, despite getting such good results.

Whilst this might not sound like the ideal path for becoming a tutor, on the contrary; I feel it has put me in a fantastic position for tutoring, especially for students that find the subject naturally difficult or daunting. Maths is most often not an innate skill, but rather something that takes time and patience, (as well as a lot of fun) to learn. Because my own maths history was from the perspective of a struggling student, I am readily able to recognize and even anticipate where issues of understanding and learning arise, and how to overcome them. Each student is different, and each method of learning is tailored exactly to them.

Mathematics is something I am deeply passionate about. My intention is to translate this enjoyment and passion to all my students, to help re-wire student thinking to enable deeper learning and understandings, in this rich and beautiful subject.


I am currently employed as a mathematics tutor for undergraduate courses where I run tutorials for students at The University of Melbourne.

For over 4 years I have tutored the following university subjects privately:
Calculus 1 (multiple universities)
Calculus 2 (multiple universities)
Calculus 3 (multiple universities)
Linear Algebra (multiple universities)
Complex Analysis (MTH328 Charles Stuart University)
Differential Equations and Mechanics (MATH 314 ACU)
Advanced Mathematics for Economics and Social Science (20136 Bocconi University, Italy)
Engineering Mathematics 3B (MTH20014, Swinburne University)
Number Theory and Cryptography (MATH308, ACU)
Linear Algebra for Data Analysis (SIT292, Deakin University)
Discrete Mathematics (RMIT)
Mathematics for Economics
Linear Algebra for Data Analysis (SIT292, Deakin University)
Complex Analysis (MAST30021)
Business Analytics for Decision Making (MGMT90239)
Real Analysis (MAST20026)
Complex Analysis (MAST30021)
Geometry (MAST30024)

I have also volunteered as the subject coordinator for VCE specialist mathematics at the summer school organized by the University of Melbourne Student Union in Australia (UMSU).

I recently gave a 90-minute talk to high school students about university mathematics, entitled "How to explore higher dimensions". I have also written for the undergraduate mathematics magazine, introducing higher maths to interested undergraduates.

In late 2019 I gave a public talk/seminar aimed at the general public also on "How to explore higher dimensions".

I have additional experience as volunteer mathematics and English teacher in India for 4 months. This further developed my communication skills, as many of the students had very little, or no knowledge of these subjects at all.


I am available via email for any student questions between sessions. I am happy to also send you lecture notes most appropriate for a given topic, or hand-selected examples and questions based on individual needs.

I the student guide me as to what kind of approach is preferred. For example, we may cover pure theory with some examples, or we may answer exercise problems, or past exams together.

Central to all my tutorials is the concept of engagement. If a student is not engaged with the material, then they will not learn. I make use of several techniques to keep engagement levels up. One such technique is to aim to keep a 40:60 ratio of student speaking/writing, verses tutor instructing. Encouraging students to speak, engage and interact a lot provides a perfect way to do two things simultaneously: 1) check the student understands the current material, and 2) reinforce what we are covering, and enhance future recall.

I pride myself on being able to both quickly identify the gaps in a student’s understanding, and communicate these gaps to the student effectively, in multiple ways. For example, a concept can be both visual (pictures or animation), analogous with the real world, verbal, or algebraic. If students understand the same maths concept in multiple ways, they grasp the idea more thoroughly.

I also encourage and emphasize mathematical spoken language, because writing and speaking involve two different parts of the brain. This allows for the student to become a lot more comfortable with the concepts and abstract symbols more thoroughly. Once the student understands how to properly ‘speak’ mathematics, then reading it on their own (sub-vocalization) becomes possible, and hence the symbols become much easier to handle and less daunting.

Perhaps most importantly, I ensure that I build a solid rapport with every student. I take a warm, light-hearted approach, to build the student’s confidence over time, and ensure that learning is enjoyable.




Blake is a very patient, reliable, dedicated and empathetic tutor. He understands students who struggle with mathematics and will break down complex concepts into simple ideas that help students see its application in the everyday environment. I am so glad I found him when I began my postgraduate journey at the University of Melbourne because I really needed a tutor who understood statistics and probability mathematics and its application in data science. He really cares and checks to see if his students get a concept he's taught. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND BLAKE as a tutor! A++++++

Lianne, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019


I had Blake for Calculus 1. He explained the concepts/questions very well. Overall, it was very helpful.

Yun, StudentVIP member
since May, 2016


I have known Blake well for the past two years in our course in Glasgow. As a student, he was possibly the most devoted one to the course that I ever met. Fascinated as he always was with every subject, he must have spent hours upon hours of "procrastination" looking up more on anything that caught his attention. He always had something to add to a chapter when we were revising!

But of course it's not just a bit of background knowledge that will make someone an exellent tutor. What I believe truly makes Blake an outstanding teacher is his immense patience and his unique ability to analyse another person's words to understand precisely what is going on in their head. Maths is a difficult language and this kind of analysis is fundamental if a teacher wants to understand what their pupil needs to fix in their mind.

To conclude, I strongly believe that Blake's passion, knowledge and analytical skills make him an ideal person to help others understand and love mathematics.

Ntoros Ermis, StudentVIP member
since August, 2017