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▪Free trial session available. ▪Qualifications: Master’s in Pure Mathematics; over 8 years of tutoring experience, including 4 years as an official University of Melbourne tutor, published pure mathematics research ▪Experience: Tutored over 30 separate university maths subjects. ▪Full-time tutor experienced in marking exams and assignments. ▪Booking: Easy online scheduling. ▪Over the last year I have developed a totally new system of note-taking and tutoring that makes my tutoring extremely efficient Contact me for rates and information, or book directly at calendly[dot]com/realmathstutoring. == About Me: == As a dedicated full-time tutor with a Master’s and honours degree in pure mathematics, I've spent over 5 years helping students from various backgrounds achieve their maths goals. My journey from nearly failing high school maths to excelling in university has given me a unique perspective on learning and teaching maths. I'm passionate about making maths accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their initial skill level. == My Approach: == ▪Personalized Tutoring: Tailored sessions to fit your unique needs, whether it's pure theory, exercise problems, or past exams. ▪Engagement: Strategies to keep you actively involved, aiming for a 40:60 student-to-tutor interaction ratio. ▪Comprehensive Understanding: Multiple methods to explain concepts, including visual, real-world analogies, verbal, and algebraic explanations. ▪Mathematical Language: Emphasis on both written and spoken maths to enhance understanding and comfort with abstract symbols. ▪Positive Environment: Building confidence and enjoyment in maths through a warm and supportive approach. == Why Choose Me: == ▪Extensive tutoring and university teaching experience. ▪Personal success story of overcoming mathematical challenges. ▪I have developed an advanced system of note-taking during tutorials that is efficient and helpful for the student ▪A strong belief in the potential of every student to excel in mathematics.




I had Blake this semester for Group Theory and Linear Algebra and he was an amazing tutor. He was very patient with me and went really in-depth in topics to help deepen my understanding. He never mad me feel silly when I didn’t quite understand a concept and would take the time to help me learn. He’s a really amazing tutor and I would highly recommend him!

Issie, StudentVIP member
since March, 2021


I highly recommend Blake as a tutor. I had him for Group Theory and Linear Algebra, and it was clear that he has a deep and thorough understanding of the subject, and of mathematics in general. Our sessions together were a string of 'aha!' moments, where I would rapidly make noticeable progress in areas that I had otherwise struggled with. I wish that the rest of my mathematics education could be like these session with Blake, because it seems sorely lacking in comparison.

Porter, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019


Blake is 10/10 amazing! He absolutely saved the day when I needed to pass a Bridging Introduction to Calculus Course in order to gain entrance to the University of Sydney. He completely changed the way I look at learning math. I've struggled with math my whole life and he's the best tutor I've ever had. It would be a mistake not to choose him as your tutor!

Katharine, StudentVIP member
since January, 2023


If you are finding yourself with any math-related problems, Blake will be the best choice of tutor that you could have. I was unfortunate enough only to find Blake near the end of the semester and only had him for a Real Analysis session but the experience was amazing. He has his way of teaching able to transform math into something much more easy to visualize. Throughout the session, i also be able to learn a lot from this way of thinking and approaching certain problems hence using that for further math studies. Overall, I could not recommend Blake enough if you are finding it difficult to understand maths. On Top of that, his professionals also make him stands out from all the previous tutors that i have

Phong, StudentVIP member
since February, 2021


I had Blake as a tutor for Real Analysis this semester and I can’t stress how grateful I am to have been tutored by him. I was facing a lot of difficulties in this subject and learning it online at uni didn’t make it any easier. I don’t think I could actually write 3 line of proofs that made sense at the time I met Blake. Regardless, he was so patient with me and explained concepts so thoroughly. Often, he’d tried to show me the geometric interpretation of theorems to help me visualize it and this made it a whole lot easier to apply the theorem. He was also very obliging whenever I requested for extra lessons. Would recommend him any day!

Dhaveenya, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019


I have had Blake as a tutor recently for Complex analysis and have had him as a tutor before that during my 2nd year. I cannot recommend Blake highly enough. Throughout my time with Blake as a tutor he has gone above and beyond to help me understand difficult concepts. He has been able to communicate things to me in a way so that I'll understand them by using great examples and showing the way the concepts work with each other. He is a fantastic tutor especially if you find that concrete examples and explanations help you understand concepts much better than proofs they show in lecture slides. He was always kind and patient and went out of his way to work out how I best understand things. In conclusion I would highly recommend him to anyone undertaking mathematics at uni.

James, StudentVIP member
since May, 2020


Blake is a very patient, reliable, dedicated and empathetic tutor. He understands students who struggle with mathematics and will break down complex concepts into simple ideas that help students see its application in the everyday environment. I am so glad I found him when I began my postgraduate journey at the University of Melbourne because I really needed a tutor who understood statistics and probability mathematics and its application in data science. He really cares and checks to see if his students get a concept he's taught. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND BLAKE as a tutor! A++++++

Lianne, StudentVIP member
since February, 2019


I had Blake for Calculus 1. He explained the concepts/questions very well. Overall, it was very helpful.

Yun, StudentVIP member
since May, 2016

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