University Calculus, Early Transcendentals, Global Edition

Joel R. Hass, Maurice D. Weir

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Calculus 1 and 2

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University Calculus, Early Transcendentals

Joel R. Hass, Maurice D. Weir, George B. Thomas, Jr.

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MAST10005 - Calculus 1 Notes

This is a comprehensive compilation of information from MAST10005 lectures, the textbook, tutorials,...

93 pages, 11500 words

Coursenote of MAST10005 - Calculus 1

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lmao, obviously a coordinator or someone in the maths department trying to drum up popularity with a bunch of copypasta reviews on all the maths subjects. 'Great fun!' lol

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

This subject was great fun! I would strongly recommend anyone interested in maths and engineering to do it.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

Grade: H1 (95) Workload: 3 1 Hour lectures each week, that cover content along with example questions to show the concepts. There are 9 weekly assignments starting from week 3 onwards, and they vary in difficulty. Personally I found the assignments got easier and easier as the course progressed, with some of the earlier assignments being on the trickier side and requiring a bit of thought and problem solving to finish. On the hardest one, I personally spent like 8-12 hours on one because of how difficult I found it. However, as I mentioned, there is a mix of difficulties, with the easiest assignment taking me like 30 minutes to do near the end of the semester. On average though, I'd say you'd be spending 2-3 hours on the assignments, so not a major assessable workload. However, what is important to note, is that just because the assessable workload is small, doesn't mean you can just slack off. I highly recommend attending the practicals (not the workshops), and working through as much questions as possible in that timeframe with your group. I personally ditched the workshops because I found the questions really boring and easy compared to the more difficult ones in the practicals. Personally I found this subject not too difficult to understand. It felt like a natural extension of VCE Maths methods (Standard year 12 maths) and flowed fairly well with the knowledge covered in that subject. Also, as an aside, if you didn't do amazing in Maths methods like getting a raw 47 or whatever, don't let that scare you off from taking this subject. I scored a raw 41 for it, and I found this subject manageable to understand and work on. In general I'd say if you scored 35+ raw in methods you should find this subject fine with a bit of hard work. The exam is definitely an important one though, however. At an 80% weightage, it is imperative you score well on it. Personally I found this sem's exam conceptually simple, but arithmetically difficult; it was still easier compared to 2018 and 2019 exams though, but more difficult than 2020. You definitely need to work through the past exams in SWOTVAC, and the problem booklet is also important too. Don't leave the problem booklet to the last minute like I did, as it meant unnecessary stress. Time yourself in exam conditions while attempting the exam, so that you are ready for the real deal. Administration: Pretty well run subject, the tutors and lecturers are good, and the lectures are well presented. Enjoyment: I found this subject fairly enjoyable, although some of the arithmetic needed for the questions was definitely annoying.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

Basically the same as spesh maths vce. But the content can be a bit dry and boring at times.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Equivalent to specialist mathematics. Lots of content, and need to put in effort, but very rewarding.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Definitely need to put effort into this subject... BUT relatively easy to understand. Previous years past papers were extremely difficult but I think they've made it somewhat easier for this semester's exam. Assignments might be difficult but the exams are all covered within the lecturers, so there's really no surprise. As long as you put time and effort into this subject, you'll do just fine. If you'd previously done IB SL, CALC 1 is way harder than what you'd expect.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Pretty simple intro to uni maths. Just make sure you don't underestimate it as a subject, the exam was killer for my semester. My lecturer (Alex Ghitza) was awesome, unsure if he still teaches Calc1 but he was always engaging and reassuring you throughout the sem. From memory, there are both tutorials and workshops in Calc1, with workshops being an open revision session where you'd drop in and ask questions to get help and tutorials being the standard work in groups exercises you'll become familiar with while studying maths at uni. Basically, it's VCE specialist maths in 12 weeks. Don't become complacent.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

I'm just writing this for people like me, who may not be strong mathematicians like me and scared of uni maths & 'high fail rates?' Needed Calc & Linalg for my major so had to do it and I was SO scared to take it! For background, scraped a 28 in Methods and hadn't done maths since I graduated 2 years prior, so naturally jumping into university-level calculus with an 80% exam was terrifying. Through the semester, I really struggled a lot with the tutorials and pracs (went to every single one and relied on mates to do most of the problems and just followed along). I struggled with lectures and struggled with the assignments (which if you're not the best maths, take way longer than any assignment worth 2% should). I felt like I was bound to fail. I was considering dropping, but as it got into SWOTVAC a lot of the concepts FINALLY started to come together and I started to feel like a could pass the subject. ANYWAY, did the exam and ended up with a H2B, felt like I wasn't as dumb as I thought I was. If you need it for a major, bite the bullet and do it, you've got this <3

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Here's my 2 cents: don't do this subject if you don't have to. If you're a maths enthusiast and grasp concepts quickly, by all means, go ahead. But if you are debating to take this subject as an elective because you were good at high school maths and think why not? Here's why not: it's not worth the effort. And it is not just an extension of high school maths. Everyone in my tute who didn't do specialist or IB HL struggled. Most of the concepts are quite abstract and if you don't have a drive for mathematical science, it can be very hard to grasp. The examples in the lectures were also so much easier than the weekly assignments and especially the exam. The assignments weren't too bad once you understood how they work, but the exam (at 80%) was brutal. I spent all of swot vac doing practice questions and rewatching all 36 lectures a second time and I still only passed. 3 hours seems like plenty time, but don't be fooled. I still had to rush and still couldn't finish all the questions. If I could go back in time and choose another elective, God knows I would. I will give it this though: the staff and students are lovely, especially the workshops. The teachers were always willing to help and so were the students, everyone helped each other regardless of what the question was, and I always had fun with my workshop group. But as a subject, while I enjoyed it during the semester, because of the exam and how heavy it is, I do regret taking it. It was too much work with very little reward, particularly because I didn't need it as a prerequisite.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Content is not too challenging if you took VCE specialist, but the exam was hard to pass, i didn't have enough time to check all my answers. But definitely a step up from Methods, however if you really love maths and you do the practice questions they gave you (which i didnt complete), and you went to the workshops every week (which i stopped going from week 3) it shouldn't be too hard. Shoutout to Arun Ram for being a really funny lecturer.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019