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I am an experienced engineering tutor with over 5 years experience helping Melbourne University students.

I enjoy helping others in their learning as well as sharing my studying tips & examination preparation. I am happy to teach & help you with any civil / strucutral topic at the bachelors or Masters level

I'm confident I can enhance your learning in these subjects. My academic history is listed below for your information. Feel free to approach me with any questions.

My hourly rate varies based on the subject & availability. I preffer to meet on campus.

*** Offering discounted rates for small class of 2-4 students.***

Happy studying!

My history: In 2016 I graduated from Masters in Civil with the the highest scores of the year for civil&structural masters. Now I am on a mission to share what i learned & pass on the experiences I had.

Structural theory and design 2 : 100
Earthquake Design: 91
Extreme Loading of Structures: 99
Geotechnical Engineering: 91
Fluid mechanics: 96
Engineering Materials: 96
Systems modellig and Design: 89
Civil Hydraulics: 91

Vector calculus: 95
Calculus 2: 94

Melbourne school of engineering Deans honours list:


English, Greek


Kerry is a perfect tutor for civil/environmental engineering students. The way of his teaching is very detailed and very patient. His know the tricks to solve hard questions on the subject that he teach. I suggest to the students to study with him if you struggle with civil/environmental engineering subject

Salim, StudentVIP member
since July, 2015


Very friendly and helps the students by giving his best possible. Highly recommend him to anyone if you want to go for a H1. :)

Shirangi, StudentVIP member
since September, 2017


Very patient with teaching and very familiar with study materials, and you will get H1 very easily after his help.:)

Susie, StudentVIP member
since March, 2012