Analyzing Grammar


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Analyzing Grammar

Kroeger, Paul R.

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Analyzing Grammar

Kroeger, Paul R.

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Analyzing Grammar

Kroeger, Paul R.

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Everyone says this subject is hard which it is but all the same upon completion I felt like I really knew the subject matter. I found it really interesting and I'm sure you will too if you like linguistics. Good assignments, hard but interesting. Peter is an EXCELLENT tutor and lecturer!! PS. The PASS sessions are also great if you get the chance to take them. Didn't touch the textbook tho.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Brett is not a good lecturer. This subject may have been interesting had it been easier to follow with a lecturer whose voice didn't seem already asleep. Content is odd and seemingly arbitrary (as you learn and use different/opposing methodologies). But hey, if you find this linguistic stuff truly fascinating, give it a crack. I found i had to listen to lectures twice to even understand the later week's content. And textbooks are not completely helpful as assessments use a mish mash of forms used in various textbooks, so there isn't even a steady source of reference, just the lecture slides. A confusing subject. Ridiculously easy 1st assessment, with a giant leap in difficulty for the second assessment and the exam, honestly the last few weeks of content came out of nowhere from my perspective. Good luck fam

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Good lord, Peter. What a ridiculous exam. The subject was interesting, tutes were good, assignments were marked fairly, and the weirdly lopsided/scaled exam mark saved it, but holy fuck. That exam was absolutely 100% too long and against the philosophy of the subject. Scraped my 81 in a subject which I applied myself to fully, with an H2B on the exam SCALED UP from what should literally have been unable to be more than 55.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015