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Organic Chemistry

John McMurry

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Andrew Burrows & John Holman & Andrew Parsons & Gwen M. Pilling & Gareth Price

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First year chemistry laboratory

University of Melbourne, School of Chemistry

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2018 S2 CHEM10004 Notes

Written by Byeongok

This is note is written throughout the semester, and covers all the details you need to know on this...

122 pages, 22818 words

CHEM10004: Chemistry 2 Notes

Written by Julian

These notes for CHEM10004: Chemistry 2 include: - Comprehensive notes from *Lectures *Tutoria...

123 pages, 20000 words

H1 STUDENT, detailed notes for CHEM10004

Written by Britt

Lecture-by-lecture notes in great detail. Expands on lecture slides and includes all important point...

83 pages, 17112 words

Detailed CHEM10004 notes (H1 & Dean's Honours Award)

Written by Zoe

CHEM10003 notes taken from the lectures but also refined and cross checked prior to the exam. Hand d...

29 pages, 6401 words

CHEM10004 Notes

Written by Jack

My CHEM10004 notes from the compact Summer semester.

65 pages, 4982 words

Chemistry 2

Written by Niki

Extremely comprehensive CHEM10004 notes on all lectures from chemistry 2. Includes diagrams and scre...

98 pages, 10857 words

Entire Chem 2 summary

Written by Cassie

Entire Chem 2 summary

43 pages, 9000 words


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Terrific subject, in spite of what some might say. Very challenging, but never unfair. It is well taught and there are ample resources for a student to access. While at times it can be quite content heavy, it is never impossible. There is some crossover with concepts from the physical sciences, but overall this subject is based around the fundamentals of both organic and inorganic chemistry, as well as basic molecular theory. It is a must-have (and a core) for many science subjects, and aids greatly in any subjects which even briefly flirt with organic or inorganic chemistry.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

I learned from my lessons (from Chem 1) and took amazing notes by watching from LecCapture. You need a lot of patience and discipline to get the hang of drawing the structures in organic/inorganic chemistry. A lot of my friends and I found that the inorganic chemistry was actually easier than in Chem 1. The exam was surprisingly easier than we all thought because the previous exams seemed harder. The pracs are a bit more challenging, but you should be fine if you did well in Chem 1 pracs. The tutes this time around seemed more rushed than Chem 1. A lot of questions to do by yourself. I got an H2B on the verge of H2A, even thought I got H2B in Chem 1. So, do not be scared. A lot of memorizing in the physical chemistry exam. But, the lecturer we got (the zombie guy) helps you a lot and hints what he's going to ask in the exam. Please do not buy the recommended book. It's so expensive and you will not use it, believe me.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

It's increasingly more challenging than Chem 1 for sure but doable if you practice enough questions. The quantum mechanics section is pretty though, needs to spend a lot of time on it.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

thank god I dropped it LOL, if it's not core or you're not interested steer clear

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Chem 2 is a challenging subject but if you keep in pace with lectures, experiments and tests, you will definitely be fine. The organic chemistry section was not as hard as I thought. I ended up finding organic chemistry the easiest section out of all content. When studying organic chemistry, do not just read lecture notes. Get a piece of paper and try to draw mechanisms by yourself, make sure you can explain how it finally comes to this product (for example: how HNO3 + H2SO4 + benzene -> nitrobenzene). For the physical chemistry section, make sure you practice a lot of questions and use formulas flexibly. And for the crystal field theory, plz read the textbook, it gives you a clearer understanding (better than the lecture notes). I studied chem 1 in semester 2, 2017, and chem 2 in semester 1 2018. There was a half year gap and I’m sucks with Math. However, I still find it ok. If you keep up with lectures and get a lot of practice with skills, you can definitely get 70+. Some students told me that chem 2 is really hard, but my experience tells me: no, it’s not as long as you work for it. Good luck!!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Extremely hard to do well in. Tbh the contents aren’t explained very well in lectures either and if you fall behind or don’t understand a question, try to get help otherwise it’ll screw over and just make everything else super confusing. Overall very boring subject and unnecessarily hard questions. The only good thing was the practicals which you actually have a chance at doing well in if you come prepared but again, it comes down to your demonstrator too. Mine just liked to pick on the smallest things to take marks off which I later confirmed wasn’t even a real reason to do so. Stay away if you can although it is unfortunately a pre req for second year subjects that are prereqs for some post grad courses which is the only reason I took it.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

It's hard and miserable doing this subject but I guess that depends on how much you enjoy chemistry.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Chem 2 is insanely challenging so make sure to work hard on it! As a last-minute person, my brain almost cracked open while attempting the past year questions. Get yourself a good tutor!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

This subject is a big step up in difficulty from Chemistry 1, and many students are overwhelmed by this. There's a lot of content to cover and many concepts that need to be mastered to do well in the exam, so it's all about keeping on top of the lecture content as it is delivered. Tutorials and the tutorial question booklet are an invaluable resource for study, revision and testing yourself on the concepts covered in the lectures, so make sure you attend every tutorial!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

The materials are obviously harder than those in chem 1 but as long as you go to the tutorials and stay on top of those questions, you'll be fine!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015