Financial Reporting

Janice Loftus

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Financial Reporting, 2nd Edition

Janice Loftus, Ken J. Leo, Sorin Daniliuc, Noel Boys, Belinda Luke, Hong Nee Ang

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Financial Reporting

Janice Loftus, Ken J. Leo, Noel Boys, Belinda Luke, Sorin Daniliuc, Hong Ang, Karyn Byrnes

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Corporate Reporting (Comprehensive notes)

Written by Yuqing

Comprehensive ACCT90012 notes covering all examinable materials for the second semester of 2017. Inc...

39 pages, 29227 words

ACCT90012 CR Notes

Written by Garyk

The ACCT90012 notes provided include the key topics and points required to do well in the final exam...

13 pages, 4331 words


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like any other subject one is required to attend classes and do all what is required to adequately pass this subject.I cant complain and all I can advise anyone willing to take this subject is to attend all classes and work smart to pass

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

This is a subject which requires one to understand the key accounting concepts and journal entries. Do not make the mistake of just looking at the slides. You need to practise on lots of exercise questions.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015