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Accounting for Decision Making Summary Notes - H1

High H1 mark achieved, extensive and detailed notes

38 pages, 15185 words

ACCT90004: Accounting for Decision Making - Final Exam Notes

ACCT90004: Accounting for Decision Making. I studied from these notes, in addition to referring bac...

33 pages, 9570 words


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Basic accounting knowledge is nearly all covered in the lectures. The content is very huge and requires more time to be reviewed. However, you can do learn a lot from this subject!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

To do well in this subject you need to be able to do all the calculations SUPER FAST, so the number one thing is to focus on doing as many practice questions as you can, particularly the "extra practice questions" written by the lecturer. Questions done in the workshops may seem fairly easy.. You should know that the final exam is much harder, but not too bad if you do the extra practice questions given. Reading the textbook carefully helps you to understand and remember the theory, which you also need to know fairly well, and helps you to understand why you have to do things in particular ways. The subject itself is quite interesting and the teaching staff are nice.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Basic accounting knowledge are all covered in the lectures. BTW, the final exam is more hard than you think !!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Accounting for Decision Making is a very interesting subject to study. Particularly because it offers a student ample opportunity to score a perfect grade since it is highly based on calculations ~ which can either be a 100% correct or entirely flawed. Particularly, I liked the whole concept of getting to know the practical approaches taken by businesses in their daily or annual activities, the various decisions taken by managers to boost revenues, in a cost effective manner. The tip that I can give you out of my experience of studying this subject is that practise makes perfect ~ there is no such thing as a difficult concept, if you persevere and begin to become curious about the nuances of business activities, there is no way that it will not reflect on your marks! Regularly consulting your lecturer and tutor is also a good point of commencement as communication definitely helps the mind to begin working in a positive direction and there will come a point where you will be able to throughly execute the so-called 'hard' logic or calculations in accounting, with flair! :)

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014