The Green Studio Handbook

Alison G. Kwok, Walter T. Grondzik

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EBS Comprehensive Notes

Written by Melvin

A very comprehensive note for everything covered in EBS (ABPL20036). This note includes: - Lect...

78 pages, 18770 words

Environmental Building Systems Notes

Written by Charensia

Including all the notes needed for exam (2018) - Table of Contents: W1 - Site Analysis W2 - Resi...

62 pages, 12895 words

Environmental Building System Semester and Exam Revision Note

Written by Alex

These are a set of concise notes which cover each weeks readings, online videos and lecture content....

60 pages, 13414 words


Written by Lexi

Notes are organised weekly, also through important topics/headings under each week with a FINAL glos...

77 pages, 12019 words

Environmental Building System Notes

Written by Sophie

A comprehensive, thorough and clear set of notes from the lectures, tutes and online learning, with...

135 pages, 30230 words

Environmental Building Systems- H1

Written by Adam

This is the reference that I used for the exam, everything throughout the semester has been taken in...

48 pages, 5000 words

Environmental Building Systems - H1 Notes

Written by Natasha

This set of notes were carefully collated to ensure that all topics covered throughout the semester...

162 pages, 21879 words


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Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Superb subject. Awesome teaching team with positive attitude. Lectures, tutorials and online learning each week had cross over, which really allowed myself to learn the weekly topics. Major assignment was fun, just make sure you stay on top of your work so you can produce something worthwhile. Genuinely not an assignment you can do in one night. End of semester exam was straight forward and if you attended your tutorials, you would know enough info to pass the exam. That being said, the exam is open book so make use of this opportunity to get a great mark.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

well run subject with a great teaching team, generally quite interesting and well organised. Definitely need to keep on top of the work, especially for the assignment in the first 6 weeks which is A LOT of work, but after that just the quizzes and exam - overall really good!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

This unit is really well run, interesting content, super enthusiastic tutors in all of the classes as well. Really fun. There is a lot of work, particularly with the Assignment on top of weekly learning and quizzes, so stay on top of everything!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016