Semester 2, 2018

EBS Comprehensive Notes

78 pages

18,770 words




A very comprehensive note for everything covered in EBS (ABPL20036).

This note includes:
- Lecture Notes (W1 - W12)
- Tutorial Notes
- Guest Lecture Notes
- Online Learnings
- Plenty of simplified diagrams, tables, points to allow
easy understanding of complex systems.
( HVAC connection diagram, LUMEN method guide
- Highlighting of key-points which are most likely to be
examinable (easy to identify)
- Contents are summarized in dot points to allow easy
reading (but still comprehensive)

You can practically bring this note into the exam and you'll be well prepared. This note allowed me to answer the exam questions with ease and all the answers could be found within this note.

A friend of mine used this note and entered the exam with minimal preparation and ended up finishing the exam early.

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