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MM200 Notes

Written by Charles

These notes are a comprehensive summary of MM200 compiled from lectures, lecture notes, and textbook...

75 pages, 27902 words


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For a trimester 3 unit this was fairly high engagement, but it re-used recorded slides from a different lecturer from earlier in the year. It was a rare UNE course that wasn't final exam heavy, with three assessments over the course including one case study that led into the exam. All of the assessments were fairly interesting and decent guidance was given across the board. The content can be interesting, and I found the exam guidance was good too.

Anonymous, Trimester 3, 2018

This unit introduces students to the major concepts of management theory. It consists mainly of textbook learning, and while the concepts are not difficult to grasp, there is a significant amount of rote learning. However, good assistance is provided by the unit coordinator and teaching staff for the two assignments and final exam. For students more mathematically-inclined, this unit can be a bit 'arty-farty' and more likely than not, these concepts will never be incorporated in real life (and 95% of real-life managers would never have heard of some of the concepts covered), but overall, the lecture's and Adobe Connect sessions are engaging, and case studies are used to help students understanding of key concepts and theories. While I learnt a lot, and I somewhat enjoyed this unit, personally, I'm glad this unit is behind me.

Anonymous, Trimester 2, 2018