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LSSU392: Principles of Taxation Law Notes

Written by Charles

These notes are a comprehensive summary of LSSU392 compiled from lectures, lecture notes, and textbo...

119 pages, 52600 words


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This unit is very difficult. Or so the teaching staff will have you believe. Based on the readings and lectures, you'd generally feel quite confident following general methods to achieve an answer. However, the harsh marking of the assignment and exam meant that it is very difficult to achieve good grades in this unit. For example, for various sections of the assignment, the lecturer said that the "average" student achieved 2/20. (If students are scoring 10% on an assessment, chances are that there is something wrong with the marker and/or teaching, and not the students). The textbook chosen for this unit is very easy to read, making learning of a difficult subject easier. The tutorial answers are also already pre-posted to the Moodle site, which is helpful and allows students to learn at their own pace (which I have observed some lecturers refusing to do when fellow students have requested it in the past - ahem ahem Robyn Acher and Bee Moss). The lectures are also recorded in the exact same format and order as the textbook, which contributes to a structured approach to studying this unit. However, the lectures are often looong, and could be much briefer, as a lot of time is spent rambling on and on about theory - while the application of such theory is not touched on. Some would argue that this application takes place in tutorials. Fair enough. However the tutorials with James Abbo are useless to students learning, as James literally just stared at a Word document with the answers and read them to students. I mean - we can read! The tutorials are supposed to offer something extra, such as TEACHING step-by-step! Regarding the lecturer, Will Hiiggs; he expresses indifference towards students. He also marks very harshly, and very very often will simply not reply to students Moodle posts. Other times, he doesn't respond to emails. He has said in an email, "i'll follow that up for you", and then you never receive a reply for him. In marking the assignment, when a student gets the wrong answer, Will would often comment in the marking sheet, saying, and I quote, "Couldn't be further from the truth!". What kind of attitude to teaching and student progression is that? Thus, while the textbook and provided tutorial answers make it easy to self-teach in this unit, the poor teaching and utter indifference of the teaching team - Dr William Higgs and Mr. James Abbo - make this unit tolerable at best. If it is a "core unit" for you, you just have to keep your head down and plough through - don't let the poor teaching put you off an otherwise interesting and very applicable unit.

Anonymous, Trimester 2, 2019