I'm a UNSW student studying Business.


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I have previously worked as a tutor at USYD as a Mathematics tutor and a Finance tutor. I also worked as a sessional lecturer in finance before starting my PHD.

I have a very laid back approach to university studies and I certainly have a strong track record in improving grades for university students.

I focus a lot on intuition and understanding as opposed to rote learning.

My rate is $80 per hour for first year subjects however for more difficult subjects please discuss with me. I can only tutor via Zoom since I am currently living in France.

If you want some help preparing for an exam, whether it be for me to go through problems and present solutions for tutorials or old exams then please feel free to contact me. However don't ever expect me to do an assignment or an online quiz for you. If you do I can easily report you to StudentVIP and the university that you attend.




David is a brilliant tutor and his extensive experience shows when he teaches. He is great at explaining difficult topics intuitively and will go through lots of practice questions until the student fully understands the concept. He values not only students’ perfomance, but also their confidence in their learning.

Peter, StudentVIP member
since May, 2019


David Lee is an excellent tutor with a lot of teaching experience. He is dedicated and he understands the subjects he teaches very well.

Madeleine, StudentVIP member
since August, 2018

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