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Heya there :) I'm Cailin and I've just finished my second year of Psychological Science and getting ready for my third year! I'm currently assisting in the Griffith Psychology and Counseling Association which has been fun and a great way to get involved with the uni and other psych students :) I'm working towards getting into honors as I'm passionate about developmental and positive psychology and would like to be a registered psychologist in these arenas one day soon(ish) - I'm sure you understand the looonng pathway! I'm a Kinesthetic learner so Uni has been a big change returning to studies as a mature-aged student, but I've been learning ALOT about learning! So using my hands, visuals, colours, and printables really contributes to how well I do! I like to use my creative brain to test myself and find creative ways when possible to revise or remember content. The more fun and enjoyment I get from employing these strategies, the better I perform in my grades also. I definitely prefer face-to-face studying, especially if you find you're also a visual and kinesthetic learner - this will help retain info, but I am flexible in arranging virtual sessions. I also enjoy and prefer one-to-one, or one-to-two as my max, because I value quality time and information rather than having to share it with larger quantities of people! An hour of talking out content, creating weekly revision questions, or working through harder concepts is a really empowering way to endure this degree! That's what I can offer, as well as a heap of general tips and particularly assisting in assignment writing, formatting, and research help when needed. also, statistics - dont be scared like I was, it can actually be alot of fun!! :) If you're wanting to get your marks up, understand your content and get the best out of your degree, then I'm here to help! I love a laugh so nothing too serious here, just a really great way to keep on top of your studies!! :) Look forward to hearing from you, in the meantime, happy studying!! :D Rates: $35 for one person/hour or $50 for 2 persons/hour - Cailin {insert cute emoji here that this site doesn't allow me to do haha}