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(Online tutoring available) I am a final year student studying Bachelor of IT with a major in Software Technology at MQ University.

I have been working as a tutor for a few years, even before I started at MQ University and have motivated countless students to reach their true potential.

You don't need to take my word for it though, just take a look at the great reviews from my students below and see it for yourself.

My high scores:
_ COMP1000 / COMP115: 93 (HD)
_ COMP1350 / ISYS114: 87 (HD)
_ MATH1010 / MATH135: 99 (HD)
_ COMP1010 / COMP125: 99 (ranked 1st in S1 2019)
_ MATH1020 / MATH136: 97 (HD)
_ STAT1175 / STAT175: 89 (HD)
_ COMP2000 / COMP229: 84 (almost HD)
_ COMP2050 / COMP255: 80 (D)
_ COMP2100 / COMP202: 99 (HD)
_ MATH1007 / DMTH137: 92 (HD)
_ COMP2010 / COMP225: 86 (HD)
_ COMP2110 / COMP249: 82 (D)
_ COMP2250 / COMP247: 89 (HD)
_ MATH2907 / DMTH237: 87 (HD)

My teaching style: Although I have a relaxed teaching style, I will make students become autonomous learners so that whenever a problem pops up later, they themselves will figure out how to deal with it.

Location: Anywhere on campus that is suitable, preferably the library for pen-and-paper units or PC labs for IT units.

Discounts for groups as follows:
_ $50 / 1 student / 1 hour
_ $80 / 2 students / 1 hour
_ $99 / 3 students / 1 hour
(To preserve quality and focus on individual needs, the maximum number of students per session is 3 only)

Don't hesitate to drop me a message whenever you need help because I'm always available and more than ready to make your university career more enjoyable as it should be.




Awesome tutor. He taught me in details with COMP6010, he improved my basic knowledge a lot. He is good like previous reviews with affordable price, highly recommend.

Lee, StudentVIP member
since October, 2020


Frankie is an amazing and patient tutor. He always ensures you understand before he moves on to the next topic. He genuinely cares about you understanding what you are working on. I recommend to anyone who needs that extra help.

Emma, StudentVIP member
since March, 2019


Frankie is a very knowledgeable tutor who is excellent at breaking down complex topics into more understandable parts. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who may need a tutor.

Danny, StudentVIP member
since January, 2010


I would have died without Frankie this semester.
He is really a good supporter who knows how to encourage and teach students and also he is an intelligent tutor.

SANGGON, StudentVIP member
since September, 2019


Frankie is fantastic - helped me understand how to approach an assignment which I ended up getting a HD on!

Jake, StudentVIP member
since August, 2016


Frankie helped me understand some confusing topics, while being very understanding and being very flexible with the circumstances of everything being switched to online learning. Great Tutor!

Annette, StudentVIP member
since February, 2020


I have had him several times as a tutor, I felt he is reliable and punctual. Furthermore he tried to support and help me more than I expected.
I'd really like to recommend %100 most MQ students whoever need a tutor.

SANGGON, StudentVIP member
since September, 2019