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(Online tutoring available) I am a 2nd-year student studying Bachelor of IT with a major in Software Technology at MQ University.

I have been working as a tutor for a few years and have motivated countless students to reach their true potential.

My high scores:
_ COMP1000 / COMP115: 93 (HD)
_ COMP1350 / ISYS114: 87 (HD)
_ MATH1010 / MATH135: 99 (HD)
_ COMP1010 / COMP125: 99 (ranked 1st in S1 2019)
_ MATH1020 / MATH136: 97 (HD)
_ STAT1175 / STAT175: 89 (HD)
_ COMP2000 / COMP229: 84 (almost HD)
_ COMP2100 / COMP202: 99 (HD)
_ MATH1007 / DMTH137: 92 (HD)

My teaching style: Although I have a relaxed teaching style, I will make students become autonomous learners so that whenever a problem pops up later, they themselves will figure out how to deal with it.

Location: Anywhere on campus that is suitable, preferably the library for pen-and-paper units or PC labs for IT units.

Discounts for groups as follows:
_ $40 / 1 student / 1 hour
_ $60 / 2 students / 1 hour
_ $80 / 3 students / 1 hour
(To preserve quality and focus on individual needs, the maximum number of students per session is 3 only)

Don't hesitate to drop me a message whenever you need help because I'm always available and more than ready to make your university career more enjoyable as it should be.




I have had him several times as a tutor, I felt he is reliable and punctual. Furthermore he tried to support and help me more than I expected.
I'd really like to recommend %100 most MQ students whoever need a tutor.

SANGGON, StudentVIP member
since September, 2019