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// Currently only taking tutoring bookings for Session 3 2020 courses, fully booked for S2 2020 //

Hello, I’m Yasmine Turner! I am currently completing a Bachelor of Commerce and Law at Macquarie University.

I am currently offering tutoring in:
ACCG100/ACCG1000 - Accounting in Society
ACST101/ACST1001- Finance 1A
AFIN102/AFIN1002 - Finance 1B
AFIN250/AFIN2050 - Investments
ACST201/ACST2001 - Financial Modelling
BBA102/MGMT1002 - Principles of Management
BBA220/MGMT1020 - Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management
MKTG101/MKTG1001 - Marketing Fundamentals
AFAS200/AFIN2000 - Principles of Financial Literacy
LAW115/LAWS1000 - Foundations of Law
LAW109/LAWS1300 - Criminal Justice
LAWS104/LAWS1200 - Contracts
LAWS108/LAWS1100 - Law, Lawyers & Society
LAWS259/LAWS2000 - International Law
LAWS2300 - Business Organisations
LAW203/LAWS2400 - Torts
LAWS3200 - Civil and Criminal Procedure

*Old Unit Codes/New Unit Codes

I have achieved high distinctions in all subjects I tutor, as well as first place in ACCG100, MKTG101, STAT150, AFAS200, AFIN102 and second place in LAWS259. I have a wealth of current resources and can tailor my approach to each individual’s learning style; thus assisting you in achieving your full potential.

Tutoring is $45/hr, however, I offer discounts for group sessions of $30/hr per student (minimum 2 students). Tutoring sessions can be ad hoc or on an ongoing basis. I welcome the opportunity for you to contact me.