Financial Accounting Theory is as the name of the subject suggests, is all about theory. To do well in this subject requires students to have a firm understanding about the concepts.

Go through these notes and you will have a strong understanding of the theory and concepts needed. The questions on the exams are not open ended and does not involve much creativity. If you know the concept, you will be able to answer the questions well. The lecture notes may not be as clear as you would like them to be and the lecturer often expands on points stated in the lecture slides. These notes will give you a clearer and more concise understanding of the lecture material. It seems like a lot of text, but it is clear and in the format of model answers. They are organised by the main topics with dot points.

Obviously the content of the subject changes from semester to semester but the general concepts and ideas remain the same. These notes are by no means a guarantee to a good grade. If you use these notes as your main resource while adding to it your own notes from your lecturer or tutor, you will be in a very good position. You can copy and paste into a word file and add to it.

I literally read these notes over and over again and did pretty well. Wish you the best of luck. This is a relatively straight forward subject.


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