EDUC258 from a high achieving student. The notes are presented in an easy to read format with dot-points used for all notes, clearly organised under headings and sub-headings.

These notes cover all topics covered during the semester including:
- Development of maths concepts
- Nature of maths learning
- Maths and technology
- Counting strategies
- Theories of teaching mathematics
prompting meaningful early literacy
- Developing number sense
- Teaching and learning addition and subtraction concepts and processes
- Multiplicative reasoning
- Teaching and learning multiplication and division concepts and processes
- Learning about rational numbers
- Teaching and learning fractions
- Learning about patterns and algebra
- Pattern and structure in mathematic learning
- Pattern finding
- Learning about measurement
- Approaches to teaching and learning measurement
- Development of spatial and geometric understanding
- Tessellation
- Working mathematically
- Development off statistical reasoning and data exploration
- Chance and probability


Semester 1, 2014

16 pages

4,277 words



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